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Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Dare Art Alade is married. Beautiful! I've been hearing the gist for a while now but refused to report it until I heard it From the horse's mouth. Nice! He said it himself at the Thisday Award show where he was one of the MC's. Cute! Dare is married. Incredible! What's better than finding someone who completes you? Great feeling! Dare is 25/26 years old? Wow! Couldn't he have waited till he was at least 30? Mind your own business Linda.

Congrats to Dare and his new wife Deola who got hitched on the 17th of February 2007. Happy married life!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting piece.

Heard his new wife was married before...and she is almost ten years older than he is. Is that true? Well, it seems that love knows no boundaries. Those who say true love is colour-blind, forgot to add that it was age-blind, as well.

Wishing them all the best.


belltrail said...

They look good together, loving is understanding, age is no barrier. She's sexy and mature. some men want a woman who's a woman and independent, thats a turn on for them.

belltrail said...

Love is ageless, some men find a woman who has found herself and independent sexy. Thumbs up Dare, your wife is more of a woman in her little thumb than a lot of the girls commenting here can be in their whole life.

Unknown said...

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