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Thursday 3 June 2010

Sharia Council Drags Mark, Bankole, NHRC to Court For Invading Senator Yerima's Right to His Family Privacy

This is too sad. Pitiful. And a shame!

According to reports in the news, there's a group called the Registered Trustees of Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria and they have dragged the heads of the two chambers of the National Assembly, and the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) to an Abuja High Court.

You know why? Because they support the marriage of Senator Ahmed Yerima to a 13 year old girl.

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The Sharia Council, wants the court to declare that the actions of the Senate President, Senator David Mark, the Speaker of the Reps, Dimeji Bankole and the NHCR in probing Yerima’s marriage to the Egyptian minor, amounts to an infringement and invasion of the Senators right to his family privacy and his right to practice, propagate and manifest the doctrine of his religion as enshrined in section 37 and 38 of the Nigerian Constitution.

They also want the three defendants to determine before the court within 8 days, “whether by the virtue of section 1 (3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFRN), which asserts its supremacy and the binding force on all authorities, any law that is inconsistent with any of its provision ought not be declare null and void to the extend of such inconsistency”.

The Ulamas also want the defendants to show whether by virtue of section 37 of the 1999 Constitution, every Nigerian citizen is not entitled to enjoy and protect his private and family life without any let or hindrance or interference from any person.

The Sharia Supreme Council, then wants the Court to order a perpetual injunction restraining defendants, their agents or privies howsoever from taking any further step or action in relation to the subject matter, until the determination of the case. 

The case is coming up for hearing 8th of June.
News source: Vanguard Newspapers

My question is...why is any court even attending to this matter? She's freaking 13 years old for goodness sake. What do you want with someone so young? Why not wait for her to grow up, please? It's hard enough to have sex as an adult, a child can't be ready for that! Can someone please help this child?


Anonymous said...

yerima"s arguement was that mohammed married a 9 year old when he was alive;so he has not done anything wrong.can somebody remind this lunatic that mohammed was never a governor or senator and so he needed not to swear an oath of allegiance to any constitution?if everything that mohammed did was a yardstick for him then he has no business being a senator.thief!!!!!

Fatima said...

This case never ceases to give me a headache. I see three idiots in this.

1) The money laundering perv that is so bent on marrying a CHILD!

2) The child's bloody family that are SELLING a such young girl for what? Money? Fame? What nonsense! Any parent that will give a child away so easily doesn't deserve to be a parent.

3) So what's the Sharia courts business in this one one? They're doing Ajayi work?

I swear this whole thing is so pathetic! It disgusts me that it is still going on self!

Anonymous said...

God punish Yerima!!!God punish all this evil human beings!!!I am in shock and have no words for the pedophile

wannabewriter said...

@ Fatima according to the story he forced the parents to give him their daughter....

For me this is just so sad, A CHILD!!!!...I now see that indeed humans inherently evil

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a joke?
Cant imagine that anybody thinks Yerima's right is or was tramppled upon after the perv married a child.
He needs serious lahes of koboko.


ibrahim said...

there are two pespectives to the issue of yerima. first, he claim mohammed married a 9 year old girl, just like the first writter wrote. for all of u who are not muslim pls hear dis. prophet mohammed is a prophet not a senator,his marriage to the 9 year old girl is devine call,it has been destine that the girl in qestion is going to be a great woman. her name is Aisha,to dis end she is one of the most respected woman in islamic history,secondly, prophet mohammed never move her to his house,she was left with her parent until she comes of age,during this period, she was trained by her own parent,taught how to be a good woman,taught the moral value of a woman,grew up with her mate,educated,to the point dat she make contribution to the hadiths of the holy prophet.anoder point is dat wat ever the propher does is how to strenghten islam, all his action during his time were done with the fear of Almighty Allah. i believed dat yerima action was selfish, immoral,he succeded in marring dat girl bcos her parent are poor. why cant he approch the saduana of sokoto and ask his 13 year old girl daughter in marriage or meet dankote or dantata and let see weder he will not be put to shame. dere are thusands of girl roaming the street of zamfara who cannt even eat talkless of clothes,yet yerima served 4 8 good yrs. the second perspective to the issue is from the medical point of view which i will leave for the medical proffesinal to solt out for us

Anonymous said...

Castrate this guy and let's see how he'll function. This type of man probably practises bestiality as well. It makes me so angry when people wrongly interpret what Mohammed and Jesus did in their time. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

I think his dick should be removed and his balls left on, so he can die of insatiable lust due to balls without the main "equipment". Sharia dog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does he have a 13yr old daughter? Will he give her out in marriage at all, talkless of to an old peadofile like him.
Conscience-less cradle snacther!!!
But hold on a minute; Is there no law against statutory rape in Nigeria? What is the age limit? It's certainly not 13.
This is ARRANT RUBBISH. This man is a National, World and Human disgrace.
Hey and someone tell him and his Sharia brother's to stop commiting blasphemy. Its against the religion they claim to uphold.

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