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Thursday 17 July 2014

Afrinolly sets up Industry Screening Lounge at the Durban Film Mart 2014

Afrinolly will be showcasing their Short Film Competition winning films and providing an industry screening lounge for all filmmakers to use their facilities to present projects to potential clients at the Durban FilmMart, set for 18 – 21 July 2014 at the Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel in Durban. Continue.

Developed in Nigeria in 2011, Afrinolly is a free mobile app that gives Africans access to view movies, trailers and short films produced in Africa, mainly of Nollywood and Bollywood. Having become one of the most downloaded apps in Africa, which can be used on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia smartphones, Afrinolly also brings its users the latest news and gossip about movies, music and celebrities in Africa.

In its second year attending DFM, Afrinolly will be sponsoring a luncheon and industry screening lounge, which is open to all delegates and filmmakers attending the DFM. This Industry Screening lounge will give African filmmakers a platform and facility to present their projects to potential funders, sponsors and co-production partners. 

The Industry screening lounge will also serve a purpose for Afrinolly, who plan to showcase the significance of the app and the winning films from their recent Afrinolly Short Film Competition (ASFC). This competition was a unique and innovative online competition, focusing on the youth in Africa encouraging entrants to submit a 15 minute short film telling their story and addressing their African issues. Afrinolly will be using the DFM as a vehicle to demonstrate the talent in Africa and illustrate how the app can and has played a part in developing and distributing African film content. 

“The screening lounge is our chance to publicise the short films that came through the ASFC, and to showcase the talents resident within this pool of young film makers. In addition, to provide them with a platform to show what they are capable of doing. We will also accommodate Q & A during the screening, both about the screened movie and Afrinolly in general,” said Afrinolly’s Jane Maduegbuna.

“Afrinolly is a fairly new product but has grown tremendously through the years. Their app has helped distribute many African films, creating awareness of African stories, issues and people in our film industry. The participation of Afrinolly is welcomed and we look forward to seeing how the app is taken up at DFM,” says Durban Film Office’s Toni Monty.

The Durban FilmMart will be taking place on 18 – 21 July 2014, alongside the Durban International Film Festival which will be on 17 – 27 July. For more information on the DFM go to, to register for DFM visit the delegate registration desk at the Elangeni Tsogo Sun Hotel on Thursday 17th 13h00 to 16h00 and from Friday 18th to Monday 21st July from, 08h00 to 16h00. 

To book a session at the Afrinolly screening lounge contact 


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Itz a Welcomed development. ...Lady Daisy

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Wow thats nice and dope initiative no doubt......

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Good one #bright bravo#

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Good development.

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