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Saturday 12 July 2014

Idee's second year anniversary giveaway win

Remember Idee's stew mix, the 3 minute stew mix that all you have to do to cook a pot of stew, is to fry it in oil & onions, add water or your stock put your chicken/beef/fish, simmer for 3 minutes and its done. You remember now, yes i am sure you do.

They are celebrating their 2nd anniversary and giving away wonderful prizes like $1000 cash, 5 iPad minis, 10 Nokia X phones and specially for the ladies 2 sets of 18k Gold Jewelry + 20 Ankara thats not all oo, they would also be giving out 100 cartons of Idees stew mix, this is like the biggest i have seen online. Continue...

Its very easy to participate, all you have to do is:

1. Take pictures of Crazy world cup reactions, crazy dance, interesting photos, cooking disasters, recipes, office clowns, wedding fun e.t.c really any funny picture will do.

2. Buy a carton of Idee's for just #1,500 on GTB Market Hub or any major market and retrieve your code inside.

3. Tag your pictures with your codes on it and post on their facebook page and most likes win or you can tweet it with the hashtag #ideespowderedstew and most retweeted wins or you can also post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ideespowderedstew and most likes win.

4. You must follow our respective accounts to win on that social platform e.g to win on twitter you have to follow our twitter account.

5. This competition is from 7th of July to August 8th 2014

BUY IDEES HERE for only #1,500 per carton of 30 satchets. 1 Satchet can cook for 3 people (GTBank market hub)
Major Markets in Lagos & Addide Stores
or Call 0817 200 4140
twitter: @ideesStew
Instagram: @ideesStew


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Good but does not ring a bell a second.

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Linda,all these stress just to win? They aren't ready to give out.

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Happy Birthday rita. Nice look

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Ok #bright bravo#

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Okay seen.

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