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Saturday 27 June 2015

New Rap Video: Temptation (My Body) by Dr. Paul and Soul Solace

Directed by Nollywood Award Winning Director, Tom Robson, the winner of two Golden Icon Academy Movie Awards and a host of other awards. Tom Robson has directed Wizkid, Ice Prince, Lynxx and other music stars. Temptation (My Body) by Dr. Paul and Soul Solace is his latest addition and delivers the uncanny visual punch, lyrical finesse, and sound instrumentation. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good gospel rap...u guys will soar high.

Unknown said...

Well done, your Suru go soon Lere. Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

The Suru don Lere already!!!!!lol. This artist is a good lyricist. Thanks to ye all....

Anonymous said...

I know this guy way back on't know he had this kinda flow.....kudos Dr. Paul...ur bros Kaycee.

Anonymous said...

Very tight like the chorus....Jehovah Lee. ..durum gawa. ..ibu chim onye neme nma. ....the mixture with Igbo is cool and hip..

Anonymous said...

Uncle/Egbon/Bros/ Agbaya... You feel because you singing Gospel, then you have the liberty to give us this trash you call rap? Good Chorus though... May the Lord forgive your rap trash.

Anonymous said...

Fine song...fine lyric. ...groovy. ...makes me wanna club tonight. ...lolz

Anonymous said...

Good Christian rap....oya make we hear Muslim rap and traditional Okija rap kuma.....hahaha

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