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Friday 10 October 2014

Attend Business Clinic with Philip Obin

Congratulations for being in business as at the time of receipt of this message. About 90% of new businesses, especially in Nigeria, find it difficult to survive beyond the first 2years; not because they didn’t have enough funds or didn’t envisage the challenges that pull down new businesses, but because such businesses are not founded on renewable values, ethics and strategies

The reality is that most businesses fail owing to lack of renewable strategies and up-to-the-minute business education. 

Just like in the practice of medical science, where you must undergo professional training before permitted to practice, business has also evolved into a practice one must formally learn to be successful at.
Yes, you might presently be doing well in your mastered line of business, yet you could have been doing better. There are renewable values, ethics and strategies that cut across all spheres of businesses, especially as the business world becomes even more competitive and evolving, hence the need to stay updated and key into additional experiences of others, both successful and unsuccessful, in order to remain in business, not just ahead of your competitors but also sustainably and profitably.

Admittedly, we have very few business schools in Nigeria, most of which the average entrepreneur cannot afford, yet even those who can afford them either haven’t truly decided to DO IT or unable to leave their competitive businesses and very tight schedules for months or even years, in pursuit of further business education.

Consequently, we hereby invite you to kindly attend the October edition of our Business Clinic with Philip Obin, a Harvard of BusinessPro, seasoned BusinessPro and a product of the most prestigious Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) - Pan-Atlantic University, as he shares mind-blowing tips and true life experiences that would change your view of how to run business!

Our strategy is simply to compress a full business education program into a 6-hour/1 day CrashCourse, with training materials available for keeps, for further references, at the end of the program.

We understand your busy schedules as a business executive, but we’ll encourage you to do anything humanly possible to personally attend this program or at least delegate senior managers/decision-makers, and you’ll be glad you did.

Participation fee covers the following
1.     Tuition
2.     Resource/training materials
3.     Lunch
4.     10,000 Nigerian email addresses (for your new online marketing strategies, valued @ N10,000)
5.     10,000 location-based Nigerian phone numbers for your new Bulk SMS marketing (any location/LGA of your choice across Nigeria, valued @ N10,000
6. Platinum membership (where you can get airtime/recharge cards of all networks at 4% discount + advertise your products/services to other 35,000+ members, valued @ N100,000)
7.     Domain Registration, hosting and creation of up to 4 corporate email accounts for your company (, valued @ N25,000)

Date/Time: 11th October, 2014 - 10:00am – 5:00pm
Training ends at 4pm, while sharing of training content/resource materials and creation of email accounts + other business of the day ends at 5pm.

Training location
Protea Hotel (Oakwood Park), by Chevron roundabout Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State.

Only those who reserve a seat will be admitted. Click here to reserve your seat -
Click here for course content 


Subomi said...

This is for me, I can so relate to this.

Anonymous said...

Okay ooooo

Unknown said...

that is cool

Anonymous said...

wot hapnd to my posts aunty

ruth said...

this guy is a scam himself

Unknown said...

Niceone dude no doubt....

Anonymous said...

Linda, so you know this Phillip Obin chap!! Plss help me tell him to stop sending unsolicited emails to my yahoo account!! I cant even remember joining his club, yet i get up to ten mails of same message!!!! Abeg warn am ooo!

Unknown said...

Lol we hear

Anonymous said...

This guy is a scam he's always sending unsolicited emails and if you unsubscribe he'll send more mails. If i were you I'll safe my money this guy has nothing to offer

Anonymous said...

Nice one..... Vote Linda Ikeji For MOST OUTSTANDING Blogger..............

Anonymous said...

He sold my phone no to sms advertisers

Anonymous said...

Business Clinic ko, Business Cleaners ni

Unknown said...

Dear's good to ave you back, I read ur post on wat happened nd wat cost d shutdown of ur blog, all I can tel u is, pls b vry careful, get som close security friend in high place dat u can call at anytym u noticed any form of treath or discomfort from anywere.
I like wat u did in kipin record of ur conversation wit mr watevr. Always kip record of any suspicious contact.
Try to do d right tin by getin d write news from d right source..
Make sure u back ur blog up nd pls look for a way to get a site cos I nd I Knw other LIB readers too miss u terribly in just 24 hours absent...lastly pls try nd keep ur private life away from ur blog nd public cos not evry1 wish u well..
May God bless nd see u thru in ur dailys

Unknown said...


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