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Saturday 10 March 2012

Okonjo-Iweala Confirms Large-Scale Fraud in Pension Fund

Finance Minister, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala while appearing before the Senate’s Joint Committee on Public Service and Establishment yesterday, confirmed allegations of corruption in the management of pension funds. This corruption has caused unnecessary hardship for pensioners in Nigeria.

The minister explained that although the Pension Task Team was inaugurated before her appointment, she quickly ordered the freezing of the accounts the moment she learnt of allegations of sharp practices in the disbursement of pension money. She said her priority was to stop any fraud immediately.
“To understand what was really going on with police pensions, I asked KPMG, an independent and respected consulting firm, to investigate. Their findings confirm that many wrong things were done and are still being done in the management of the funds. I assure you all that we will take action after studying the recommendations." She said


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone is looking into pension fraud. Why pensioners have not received their money. The task team holds on to their money, waiting for them to die. Nonsense. Naija go better soon.


Anonymous said...

My Aunty is doing grest, Kudos.

kcee said...

It won't be complete if nobody goes to jail for this. It is high time some people start taking responsibilities for their actions in this country. The corruption is just too much !

Str8FrmDaHips said...

with all the oil money stolen...wetin dem no go steal..9ja leaders are too corrupt..u wonder why a country like SA treats them like shit!!

bricks said...

na today ? ain't nothing new joh!..NEXT?

Anonymous said...

Naija re so useless,

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