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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Cocktail & Summer dress collection on, closing in 24hrs

The “Cocktail Dress” and “Summer Dress” collections on will be closing in 24 hours. There are just a few items left so you need to hurry over there if you want to get in on the shopping action. 

The cocktail dress collection is at
The Summer dress collection is at

Remember you have to be a member to shop. is a members only fashion website offering timed collections put together by Kamdora stylists.  This means:
  1. You have to register as a member to gain access to Kamdora’s timed collections. – but membership is free J
  2. Kamdora runs timed collection so items are available for a limited time or till items run out – so its advisable to shop quickly.
  3. When Kamdora stylists release new collections, registered members get to hear about it first.

As a Kamdora member you can shop on the site from anywhere in Nigeria. Members in Lagos can pay cash on delivery and also get free delivery of items within Lagos.

To become a member go to


Anonymous said...

Close jor. Not only 24 na 24seconds.

Anonymous said...

What da hell is summer dress in Naija? D other day it was winter collection. said...

Am sure there is nothing for men...*Belinda ikeji*

Cheekah said...

Okay now,but it all boils down to the benjamins...If I don't have money nko? To shop?Lib readers,will you sow into my life?Lol!

Anonymous said...

the girl in front has nice jugs

Bubble gum said...

Anon 9:40. pervert!

princess of Zion said...

WOW!! Take advantage, ladies!!

Blue print for a successful courtship-

Anonymous said...

the girl in front is my little sis she rocks!! go Chizzy go chizzy

Anonymous said...

I really love me some lovely dresses but my problem is that I am very tall and most of the dresses come in short lengths which I don't like.

Anonymous said...

Hiah Linda , is it that global warming has changed d seasons in Nigeria? Abi I don forgat we have only raining and dry seasons, na since when did we have summer, so when is winter coming I want to go skiing in d snow*harmattan* abegi, if they wan sell mek Dem sell to all Jare ?

Anonymous said...

Tongue out...

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