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Saturday 22 August 2015

What every woman age 30 & above ought to know about losing weight

If you are a woman, aged 30+ and above, and currently struggling to lose weight, then I want you to kindly read this letter to the end..... Do you currently feel sluggish, out of breath when climbing stairs and also find it very hard to fit into many of the dresses in your wardrobe. Then you also need to pay attention to this letter as well because I am about to reveal the secret you need for you to lose weight easily. 

These 3 things are very IMPORTANT & Crucial in your fight against FAT...

When you KNOW these 3 things and you APPLY them, you will find it so simple & easier than before to shake off excess fat from your body.

Without wasting time, let's me share them with you below:

#1. To Lose Weight, Your Body Must Burn More Calories Than It Consumes

If you have excess fat on your body, the fail safe, guaranteed method to get rid of it is by making your body burn more calories than you consume in the meals you eat on a daily basis.

But where most people fail with this method is when they try to go on extreme diets that restrict them  or starve them to lose weight.   

Some people eat just one meal in a day, everyday for many weeks. In the process, they end up with stomach ulcers . 

I am not sure if you've tried these extreme diets and starvation before yourself...

But have you noticed that you will lose a lot of weight quickly, but since you can't starve yourself forever, you gain back the excess fat quickly when you start eating regular food again.

But rather than starving yourself, all in the name of losing weight, what If I tell you that you can eat up to 5 times daily and still lose weight?

I know this is possible, because I have had hundreds of clients who spent their days eating 4-5 times daily and still ended up losing 7kg, 10kg, 15kg, 27kg etc.

The Secret is very Simple...

These clients of mine eat NATURAL Nigerian fat burning foods that are super low in calories.

This enables their body to burn more calories from their body than they consume and make them lose weight easily in the end.

#2. Sugar Will Make You Fat!
I know you've heard that phrase that sugar is bad for you. Personally, I call it POISON.

That is because I know that eating too much of sugar can get stored as fat in your body and also  gradually reduce the quality of your life.

Too much sugar in your body can make your body's insulin get tired and find it hard to process the excess sugar, which is what causes Type II diabetes and liver diseases

And guess what....

Most of the foods out there that you probably eat at the moment contains a lot of sugar.

And I am talking about foods such as.....Cake, meatpie, sausage roll, donuts, Chocolates, Starch, Fufu (akpu), Soft drinks, Alcohol, Milk shakes  etc.

The sugar content in these foods is so high, that your body stores the excess that it does not use into your body's fat storage cells.

And this manifest in the form of fat on your arms, your thighs, neck and most especially in your belly area which is the most stubborn place to burn fat.

For you to lose weight rapidly, you have to cut sugary food from your diet, and replace it with NATURAL foods with lower sugar content, and you have to do it fast!

#3. Sitting Too Much Everyday Will Stop You From Losing Weight.

Right now, you are probably reading this letter while sitting on a chair and its possible you've been sat in it for the past 2-3 hours or more.

If you spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk at work, or spend most of your time daily sitting on a sofa watching TV, you might find out that you will gain weight easily.

In the fitness world, we call this a "sedentary lifestyle".

This lifestyle  will slow down the rate at which your body burn calories and the enzymes responsible for breaking down fat will start switching off. 

That is not all, the less you move, the less sugar your body burn (remember the sugar in the food you eat) and the more these sugar get stored in the form of fat.

This means that, if you want to lose weight, you need to engage in a form of exercise that will help your body burn more calories off.

It does not have to be a gym. You can also workout at home by doing simple high intensity workouts for 15-20 minutes to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

So What's My Point?

If you want to lose weight easily, and drop 2-3 dress sizes and become slimmer with an amazing toned body, you need to cut out sugary foods from your diet, and shift your lifestyle slightly to include period of activity, your body will lose the weight "EASILY" and "SPEEDILY".

There is a 100% SAFE & HEALTHY way of doing this that is available to only a selected few and I currently use it to help my client lose weight rapidly.

And I would love to share this method with YOU so you can get rid of stubborn fat and help you get your "slimmer body and flatter belly" back.

You see, losing weight is MUCH easier that you think, if you know the exact  thing to do that will help you lose weight.

And This Is Where Someone Like Me Comes In...

My name is Olu AIjotan and many of my clients and subscribers call me "Coach Olu".

So far, I have helped over 1,300 Nigerian men and women lose between 3kg - 35kg of excess body fat and I want to help YOU too.

So...If you have been struggling with "belly" and "body" fat and would like to lose between 5kg - 10kg of excess body fat in the next 30 days from now...irrespective of whatever diet or program you have tried in the past, then...

I Want To Coach You Step-by-Step On How To...

* Lose Excess Weight
* Burn Fat Off Rapidly
* Get A Flatter Belly
* Get An Amazing Toned Body
* Get Your Dream Body Back
So if you would like me to coach you to lose weight, drop 2-3 dress sizes and get your amazing body back...

When you click the above link, it will take you to a page on my website that will ask you to register  with your "name" and "email address".

Kindly enter your name and e-mail to register so you can start receiving daily e-mails and fat loss coaching advice from me. It's FREE.

I Have Helped Lots of People To Lose Weight,
And I Believe I Can Help You Too.

Don't delay. Don't waste time.

I want you to go ahead and click the link below to sign up right away ==> http://www.naijaweightloss.com/signup.htm

It's FREE to sign up!

Thanks for reading.

Olu Aijotan

PS - Sometimes last week, I wrote my very first article on LIB, where I shared some REAL truths about fat loss.

Just in case you missed that article, I URGE you to read it at this link ==> http://goo.gl/7RniEX


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Thanks, am very much interested pls re you on watapp

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Thanks, am very much interested pls re you on watapp

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Does meatpie contain sugar? I have never noticed tho. But truly sugar is more fattening than starch. I added a lot of weight when I went to french Village for my abroad programme. I ate and drank a lot of sugary things, chocolates bought from Cotonou during excursions. I was like a football when I returned. How did I burn it all up. I refused to put any sugary thing in my mouth during the festive season. I lost all that weight.

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