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Thursday 6 March 2014

Mile 2 Road now a den of robbers

The ongoing road construction on Apapa Expressway is causing high traffic on the road and armed robbers are taking advantage of the situation to rob road users, this is according to people who ply that route.

This morning two MTN female staff working at the office in Apapa were robbed. One of the victims who was also robbed last week was stabbed in the eye with a knife after the robbers broke their car window. A LIB reader who witnessed the incident sent in the photos (See pics of the robbery victim in the hospital after the cut)

People who work and live in the Apapa area of Lagos are asking the police to help them. If you ply that route, have you ever encountered armed robbers? Is it a serious problem in the area?



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Unknown said...

Na wa. My cousin was shot in the face on that road on his way home from work. Luckily he only lost a tooth. May God continue to protect us and our families. Ladies how long should you wait for him to put a ring on it? Find out on

Anonymous said...

I am indeed pained.

First, my apologies to all who have ever fallen victim of this horrible act! May God heal OUR wounds!

I am so disappointed at GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN for now putting tauts and hooligans, hungry people who for the sake of a loaf of bread have sold their conscience! Who will you blame for the state of insecurity? Then you write as anonymous and question a means freedom of speech? I dare YOU to reveal yourself and watch 140million Nigerians come after ME come after YOU!

Now God himself is involved...GEJ and fans will see pepper, I guarantee you! hahaha...HIS fury has began nah...12plagues for Pharaohs house and Nigerians will be free!

Bros Fash, I beg help your boys as usual.


Unknown said...

Nigeria is gradually becoming a scary place

Anonymous said...

#anon 6;47 u are an idiot o...i leav on abiodun and they have been to my house 3times since october...gueess ure 1of the robbers that why you dont want police to arrest you...oponu omo ale jati jati

Anonymous said...

it is pity, 9ja, am just praying for the world to end so that we can all go home, apapa is the worst place to be, worst road to pass and worst place of work to choose, Government cant help us , only God can help us

Unknown said...

Hmmmn. The last time I complained on twitter someone told me to relocate to another town. Its a shame that we are in a country where people are not sensitive.The government, then road constructors, the tanker drivers all have roles to play in this suffering. Do we want God to come down and govern us?

Anonymous said...

Nigerian police summed up in 2 words: Grossly inept. I was robbed there last week and made up my mind I'm gonna get a gun illegal or not. In the Uk that I've been as well as the States the police would shut down a whole street to catch one robber but here it's like an everyday thing they tag as normal. No helicopters with searchlights in the dark, no policemen to go undercover in anticipation of these attacks even in a period like this when construction work is so slow and traffic terrible. Lord have mercy for I sometimes want to loathe my country. or are the police part of the grand scheme? Nobody ever gets caught and no new prisons ever get built. Somebody has to stand up to them. I will if nobody else does. or should the National Assembly allow us all carry gunds like the Americans??? Time to petition the IG. No more idle talk.

Anonymous said...

I was also robbed there last week my side window was smashed and they made away with my phones and my bag...our police are the most useless set of ppl in Nigeria...the police man i reported to told me to take it in good faith..imagine??.police report cost another 3k.they are well aware of all that is happening they just do not want to do anything about it..infact uniformed people piss me off now.

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