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Wednesday 5 March 2014

elDee, Dele Momodu, Reno Omokri, others set for New Media Africa Symposium

The New Media Africa Symposium and Awards ceremony will take place on March 7, 2014 in Lagos. Shortlisted applicants, jury members and other leading communication professionals from across the continent will gather for what will be both a fantastic networking opportunity and a celebration of Africa’s finest PR achievements.

Africa's largest gathering of digital marketers, tech media Professionals, bloggers, podcasters, web TV producers, and social business leaders: New Media Symposium 2014! Continue...

New Media is increasingly playing a key role in the messaging process of key players in business, government and at even private levels. What used to be an appurtenance is now a necessity for brands that care about how they are perceived. While the use of these tools and forms of communication have become the norm for the most forward-looking organizations, it has become crucial to celebrate those who are not only doing it well but doing it differently without losing their brand essence and same time discuss the Beginning of the Internet: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Future of New Media in Africa,” asks scholars, activists, journalists and online professionals to consider the past, present, and possible futures of the Internet as a force for good in Africa.

We are set to hold this corporate event at the ballroom, Eko Hotel & Suites,Victoria Island, Lagos

Attire for the Symposium& Awards Ceremony will be “business casual” or “Cocktail attire”.

To get an invite kindly contact:
Ify +2348074790920
Website: www.broadawards.com
 Twitter:  @broadawards
Facebook: Broad Awards


Anonymous said...

Ok...seen Next please

~Beautiful lopez~

AnnMarie said...

okay, thta's great

Apple said...


Anonymous said...

Make them set wella...
Sugar lala

Unknown said...

If they are saying africa this africa that i will be thinking that morocco, tunisia and libya's will be among but the truth is that they are never considered as africa among black africans and thats unfair...

Unknown said...

Thank God nigerians are representing....

Amarachukwu said...


Unknown said...

Hmmm!!! I hope dele has registered for fitness. Cos that his tummy though....... Runs away.

Almahroof Mubaraq said...

It's good seeing people representing Nigeria among them


Anyony said...

Hello Linda please I beg you in Gods name post my comment ooo,we Nigerians are sick and tired about robbery by South Africa police in the name of searching for drugs,my junior brother went out to mall with his car and unkwoning to him that he was been followed by black South Africa police to the house,he was followed home and they forced our door open took away 20,000 rand that's about 400,000 Nigeria money took my wrist watch,my cloths and other flat mate stuffs,this is robbery and that what they are doing to us now(robbers in uniform)now my brother don't know the station they are and we can't trace them please paste this mayb our foreign affairs minister will know his or her job this time,we don't have anybody to fight for us and Nigeria embassy is filled with corrupt people who at times support South Africans bad treatment towards us,south Africa police are thiefs they follow foreigners home to steal from them and harass us and at times they threatened to kill us,Linda please we love your good work and I hope this medium something can be done.

Anyony said...

For more about South Africa news please call me on 08084800929

Anonymous said...

I cannot c Mr John Ehiguese (MEDIACRAFT ASSOCIATES)here. I cannot bliv these guys wanna talk abt PR today in Nigeria and they wanna do it without the gurus themselves? What d hell is dis pls?
One more qstn pls. What has Eldee got to do wit New Media? Confused Nigerians wil just com wit all sorts just to make money.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with the last comment. More influential Media gurus should be invited and nominated too. These faces cannot be the media faces of Nigeria today.Be it new media or PR or even digital media. I know quite a few. there's just barely 3 here who i would say fit the category.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic initiative. For those condemning it. Don't you know even this blog is a medium of media. Linds I hope you will be there to learn one or two things add no knowledge is ever lost.

Anonymous said...

Media drives everything right now and this event should be given better coverage than this

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