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Saturday 28 May 2011

Youth Lunch with President Jonathan. What exactly is our offence?

So since our meeting with the president on Tuesday May 24, some of the youths who attended, myself included, have been insulted, made fun of and belittled in the most unfair manner, on FB, twitter, blogs and many online forums. 

Thankfully I have a platform through which I can get my voice heard, and if some of the youths that attended don’t talk, it’s as if we have something to hide... so here goes.

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Saharareporters and co, how is it an offence for the youths of this nation to have lunch with their president?  We were invited to sit with the president and have serious discussions on how we can move this nation forward. It was an opportunity for the youths of this country to get involved in the governance process under this present dispensation, which is something we have never really had before. This meeting was an opportunity to be heard; an opportunity to let the president know that we are watching; we demanded for change and made it known that we were not afraid to start a revolution if things don’t get better! We all voice our opinions on social network forums and blogs about the hardships we face in our day to day lives; this was our opportunity to say it to the face of the man who has the power to effect change; and the speakers who spoke on behalf the youths of this nation did a great job of this. A lot of issues were raised and I’d never been more proud than when Chude Jideonwo said - We will be watching sir. But we won’t just watch, we will demand it, and we will work to make sure that we get it.

Who picked these speakers to represent the rest of us? Well, check out the groups they represent.
*Speech by the National President of Nigerian Youths
*Speech by the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)
*Speech by Rita Dominic for Nollywood.
*Speech by Audu Maikori for the Nigerian entertainment/Music industry.
*Speech by Chude Jideonwo for youth activist groups.
*Speech by a random lady picked from the crowd who spoke on behalf of the young women of Nigeria. 
And all speakers were very articulate and made the rest of us in the room proud to be young Nigerians.

But what we have been hearing from all quarters since this meeting was that we were bribed. Bribed with money and food. What exactly is bribe? You bribe someone because you expect a favour in return. So, what exactly was the President bribing us for in this case? This is a man who has already won an a landslide if I may add, voted for mostly by the youths and female folk of this country; so what exactly would the bribe have been about?  

I didn’t get any brown envelope and I didn’t see any youth with one...I’m not saying no one got any envelopes; I just didn’t receive or see anyone who did. But let me state here, that I have absolutely nothing against those who did. In fact if I’d been offered, I would have collected, because the fuel I bought on my way to this event cost me 52k. If I’d been given 50grand, I would have demanded for an extra 2k. The envelopes were not bribes, in my books that’s called remuneration or you can call it an honorarium, which is a standard part of any political or business event worldwide. 

If I Linda Ikeji call someone on the phone and say; please come to my office or my house I need to speak with you; when they show up, the first thing I ask is; do you want something to drink? If they say yes, I buy them a drink. And if I know I will keep them with me for a while, I ask them; do you want something to eat? If they say yes, I get them food. And when they are leaving, I offer them money for transport/inconvenience. That’s what most of us would do, especially if we have more money than them, right? So what’s the big deal about reimbursement? 

Sahara reporters and co said we sold our conscience for a plate of eba and rice? If we were in our respective business places, wouldn’t we have had lunch between 12:30 and 3pm? So I ask again, what exactly is our offence?

If President Jonathan had been seeking re-election, then it’s a different case. Then you all can say we went to the meeting to get bribes...but he has won, whether we like it or not. The only thing we can do now is to make the best of the situation and never ever stop making our voices heard.  We must take advantage of every opportunity to dialogue with our elected reps; that is the best way forward.

I don’t know what the president’s true intentions were for asking for this meeting with the youths, all I know, like Chude said, is that we are watching, and whether they like it or not, this country must get better, even if we have to go the route of the North African revolution. We must remind the president that he made a pledge to Nigerians to be faithful and honest to us and we will hold him to that promise. So whether they give us envelopes or not, we will demand for change and they only have so much time before there’s a revolution in this country. You think the youths of this nation aren’t capable? Then you under-estimate the strength, passion determination and desperation of the young people of this country...who by the way, make up more than 70% of the population.

I ride hard on this president, and I and the youths of this great nation will not stop until there’s improvement in the lives of the common Nigerian man. Let them continue...we are watching!

I wrote this while sitting at Enugu airport for two hours, so pardon the wrong grammar and et al. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Well written. Very well articulated. Good job Linda.

Anonymous said...

You've defended your stance and made a compelling argument in your favour. Good.

Anonymous said...

Linda, you are responding to Sahara reporters?!!!Those guys are a bunch of idiots. I actually know someone who writes their trash for them. They said that you guys received bribes? what aboout them? I have never heard of a news source that solicites funds from the public to run their business, taht is an obvious case of compromise as they'd sell their integrity to the highest bibber. THEY ARE A TRASHY SOURCE OF INFORMATION! People are starting to realize that. Well done on your piece Linda!

t said...

I didn't go in part because this money thing might happen. Also because I'm an adult Nigerian not a youth abeg. And I didn't think it would be a serious and/or exclusive 'lunch', rather a bit of a carnival.
I like your blog post, and glad the Prez is reaching out and glad some youth are hustling to make government accountable. My dream is that this crop of youth will realize that Nigeria is all theirs to bless or ruin very soon. The corrupt leaders we're always blaming are flabby and dying off. Slowly but surely the young have grown - we are the workers, the citizens, in some cases the leaders. May our generation not disgrace us. And may we bow out gracefully from youth this and youth that so that the students and the truly young can have their say. Amen.
P.s. I blogged about this at (May 2011)

Please explain about your 52000 fuel. How is that even possible?

AliceDCL said...

well said linda, well said

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to defend yourselves.Just simply do the maths. 50,000@500 people, that's 25million. Think of what this would have done for schools. The youths could have said nope, dont give us the money, use it to equip one national university. That would make a lot more difference than individulas pocketing cash that would finish in another few days. We must think of the larger picture. We must. That was an opportunity of a lifetime and the youths should have shown the president they meant business, but in collecting the money, they showed d man it was business as usual.There will be other meetings and other remunerations now the president knows we're all talk and no action.

Dlapikin said...

Linda I think you are dead on. I did not understand why people got so upset. I think it is a very goods initiative for the president to consult with the youth of his country before beginning his mandate. And those who question the amount given to people to attend, they have to consider that some people may have flew from other parts of the country and stayed at a hotel and given up their business for a day or 2 so it is only normal that the money given be cushion enough to compensate them for the inconvenience. I absolutely applaud the president initiative and your response here. I read all the speeches and there were very pertinent to each representative.
I wish all the presidents would do something like that. What do they think the white house gave when they invited the young african leaders to meet Obama?

Anonymous said...

@T i was about to ask the same question about the Fuel 52,000 Naira??? Anyway Linda am one of your fans. When i was like 10 years old, When we visit our rich uncle, they will offer us food and drink, and when we are going home they will give us some money for transportation, So there is noting bad for you people to take Money . Haba its not even up to 400 dollars so why are people complaining about this Issue. Why cant they go and fight the ones that are taking BILLIONS ? cOMMON 50K and they are all making hell of Noise. Linda Noting do you, I dey your back. am in my twenties and and still considered Youth, Like Jude said we are watching the President, If he messes up then they will see what will happen, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. they need to keep to thier promises.

Amb Caleb said...

I am in Abuja, if i was in lagos am sure i would have been there too. I actually would have been very disappointed if nothing was given at all. We go for conferences and while going back they reimburse us. So no big deal joor.

Linda Nwa, beautiful lady, please what type of car do you drive dat you spent 52k filling up???

Pjobaby said...

Linda, your defence write-up was well written. Well done!
You should've been used to Nigerians talking..., don't be bothered jooor.

Anonymous said...

I hope the 52k spent on fuel was a typographical error or else u will get some more critics.At least pls explain how that happened

Linda Ikeji said...

Re:52k for's figure of speech guys...saying I spent more than they offered for re-numeration is saying my time is worth more than 50k

Anonymous said...

Linda, you and Rita Dominic are too old to be called youths abeg. All this crap you just spilled is bullshit.

Linda Ikeji said...

@anon 5;32, lol at ur u think the money they offered less than 100 people(because majority of the young people who came didn't collect any money. I heard it was mostly those who waited hours after the event had ended that got the envelop) is the money that the govt will care to use to equip a university? The money had already been budgeted for this event, so if those who collected hadn't collected, the money would have gone into the pockets of the organizers of the lunch. abi u think it was Jonathan that was handing out the envelopes himself?

they would have told him the youths collected the envelopes, abi u think Jonathan will start calling everyone to confirm if this is true or not?

R4BIZ said...

Linda, na wah for you. You get time, really. If na me, I'd ignore or tell 'em to go to hell. Everyone knows SahaReporters is one of the biggest "brown envelope takers" in nigerian's political blogging / reporting history. Everyone knows the fucking guys are paid mouthpiece of well known nigerian politicians. Who da phuck is SaharaReporters to comment on what free individuals do with their time or their life. As for the issue of virtue or morality, SaharaReporters have no phucking leg to stand on. I'm not the only one that truly despises SaharaReporters. •• vomits, violently •• SaharaReporters are the last people that should be throwing stones. SaharaReporters is not a credible media outfit. The are Nigeria 's (watered down) version of FoxNews = trashy and intentionally misleading journalism. They are a disgrace to journalism and ought to be awarded ASBO. Smh.

Team -- > > #ManchesterUnited #RedArmy :)

Myne said...

Let us stop this mentality of "Come and Chop"!

Linda, you posted Chude and Rita's Speech, where is the Presidents? Did he present a plan? A policy that he needed input from youths for? More than 100 Million was billed for this occasion and we're part of those shouting that 5BN was too much for inauguration festivities. Goodluck is getting into this habit of shelling out money for frivolities and the youths are basically saying, please continue so we can chop our share.

If we want to be different as youths then enough is enough! Independence 16BN, Inauguration 5BN, what else? It may be remuneration not bribe but that's all semantics. Let us remember that no matter what we call it, he who pays the piper, always dictates the tune. Elections may have been won, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, there's still four years of real work to be done.

If the youth have things to say to the president, his office has an address. Take it there yourself, or better yet, post/email it!

Anonymous said...

Na wa o ..abeg soffry soffry with your figure of speech o,not all of us understand.I almost thought you were one of them empty barrels full of lies cos i couldnt imagine someone filling up with 50k...well maybe it is like that now in nigeria or maybe na aeroplane.Anyway,naija go better one day...hopefully *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Linda you are wrong.The money to be shared for 400 attendees was over 25 million. I was in the PDP and I know how this sharing of money works. The pointman is actually holding all or more of the cash that was supposed to be shared for the over 400 attendees. I say this because they purposefully wasted time for people to leave before they shared the money so that only a few will receive and it will get to ogas ears that they shared the money. The remainder will enter the pointman's pocket. Even though you did not receive, your share is in the pointman's pocket and Oga believes his pointman shared the money because it is all over the news that mr pointman shared money. That is how corrupt PDP works. So even though you assume only 100 received,there was enough for over 400 attendees. And that money as anon 5.32 said can actually equip a university.

Kemiismyrealname said...

Linda, now the shoe is on the other foot.

I did not bother to read this post, but anyhow, for as long as you know what you went there to do and your conscience is do not owe anyone an apology.

Anonymous said...

Linda, it is wrong for you or anyone to collect money, it is this attitude of entitlement that has destroyed Nigerians. It is very sad that as a role model to so many young people you want to justify the legacy of waste that Jonathan has started. The question is who is footing this bill, Jonathan from his personal pocket? Or funds that is meant to help to get us out of poverty.

Anonymous said...

In answer to your question 'What does he have to gain by distributing those envelopes, what is he bribing you for, if indeed money had been distributed?'

To further sell a good image of himself of course, in the midst of the terrible disasters in our country-disasters he ain't doing much about, duh! How many social events have u attended where money was distributed?

If I may ask-Where you happy with the responses he gave to urgent matters? Do you think he made a genuine commitment to see to it that things get better in our country?

Even if you dont think there is anything wrong with distributing the money, it certainly reveals an insecure President.

Anonymous said...

someone said 25million will do a lot for universities. obviously u dont know how much it takes to run the educational system. also these people condemning linda r hungry people. i go for conferences abroad with food, accomodation and ticket paid why cant the president pay to pick my brains. if you are not enlightened as a young person. pls, pls shut up and let linda hook u up

methinks said...

definitely well written, but the part about all speakers making una proud??? even the sycophants? and don't tell me there weren't cuz there were. btw, why didn't he/some sensible coordinator announce it to all instead of d suspicious "wait for instructions..."? if e no get as d tin take be, what was d yeye hush hush about, y'all got invited, how come some pple only heard about d money d nxt day on twitter et al? ***just wondering aloud*** GEJ and transport fare issues, before it was SNG now na una. hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Linda, these last months that you have posted negative things on the president. You used sahara reporters as your source.
Now you have witnessed first hand how much they lie, and you are a victim of their lies also.
That is funny.

Amb Caleb said...

Linda, i guess you have time sha, answering all these allegations and counter allegations. I still maintain that if i was there at the meeting i will collect the money and even collect jara on it sef.

Poor and innocent young Nigerians, that went to show their support for our dear country are now under fire,FOR WHAT???????(in Gordons voice)

Abeg leave matha for mathayas and pls check out our blog :)

Fola said...

I am one of the critics but my point is the motive for it and amount given for the honorarium given and the youth you went to represent. Specifically, the FG pays youth corpers N9 750 for a month's job. THIS IS A WHOLE MONTH!!! Then 500 people are gathered in a plush hotel in Victoria Island to spend a few hours with the President and they are given N50 000. Why were you people there in the first place? To serve as a voice for the youth, majority whom are struggling and jobless after graduation and struggling corpers like me who after a month's job get only N9 750. You may not agree with my view but I hope it puts some of these things in perspective and you understand my anger better.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...


the same people who crucified dbanj are the same people who were offered free lunch and brown envelopes.

Emy said...

Nice write-up.Love your posts, and please ignore whatever insults you are getting from somen no-good persons who are simply jealous

Anonymous said...

It is an honor to attend lunch with the president. Obama meets youths and more and never reimburses.No one should be reimbursed anything for that. To think that there is nothing wrong just shows how badly corruption had eaten into our system and souls.

In civilized economy, there will be a probe on this fund because it is not governments to give as they is nigerias.

I'm disappointed in Amara Nwankpa and Chude Jideonwo. I had respect for these guys. Refusing this money will armada their course more crediblebutnow how loud can they shall #light up# or enough is enough.?

Anonymous said...

i really wonder what more a president has to do in nigeria.understood the society is messed up,but really we have to start from somewhere.linda please next time u are invited GO,dialogue is thge way forward now not lunacy.gej might not be the best but he is making good efforts in the right direction

Anonymous said...

Im glad most people are thinking alike. I especially like the comment about the salary of corpers compared to the money that was dished out. What did any of the attendants in that hall do to deserve that money? He is only using people to promote himself to others.

Ginger said...

I guess it was a knee jerk reaction too think anyone that does anything with a politician in Nigeria is corrupt. Sad but true. But I'm glad you have this platform to clear the air. It's cool to know that the 'youth' were well represented. Its a good move by GEJ. What he plans to do with it is up to him. Hope he listened...

Jess said...

I got your point until you started talking about the money. You are wrong about this part "The envelopes were not bribes, in my books that’s called remuneration or you can call it an honorarium, which is a standard part of any political or business event worldwide. " I have never heard of anywhere else in the world, especially a political event where you would be invited for lunch and be given "remuneration" nah bruv e no dey happen. I agree that it wasn't a bribe but there was def another incentive. I mean all these things you listed as what was achieved from the dinner, I feel like its stuff everyone already knows and has been discussed over and over again, so the lunch was not needed. My opinion.

Anonymous said...

You dont have a thick skin afterall Linda, why do you have to justify your actions? You do not owe anyone the explanation. Just like you said "we are all watching"

Ade_Cool said... u wanted to collect N52,000 = $400+ or £220 to travel from where do you live again in the Mainland?...where just over the bridge you on the Island..abi were you coming from Cotonou??..already you want to over-charge for a trip that would cose you N3,000 in diesel/ you would say Politicians are corrupt..the prob with 9ja is people do not want to make proper sacrifices..they all want a piece of the national cake NOW!!..and dream of living like those rogues they despise in public but secretly wish they had access to the same loot...

Anonymous said...

Linda, I come here often and post often, but I must say, your logic is off.

I've been to many events with elected officials, never, not once have I been reimbursed, nor has anyone been reimbursed.

The only people who should be reimbursed are those who work at the event.

Shame on you for your justifying this, and shame on the so called youth leaders for accepting the money.

This is why Nigeria will never make progress. For the leaders of tomorrow to go and sell themselves out for a pot of porridge is just shameful...

Anonymous said...

N52k for petrol, na train u hire go eko hotel? pls stop insulting our intelligence.....d 1st paragraph was ok..but adding salts to injury is not palatable at all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When the amount that will be spent for this man inauguration was announced we all said HABA! but If this is a gleams of what is to happen at other conferences he is holding for his inauguration, no wonder the cost is great. And Linda yes when people do go for interviews or stuff they are compensated for travel and hotel... after tending a receipt, a check is sent their way to reimburse them. The people who can to the event all got there invites some how, hence the organizers had their details. Cash in envelop is just down right shady it is just a way for someone to steal loads of cash without accounting for it. and seriously Linda I know petrol is expensive but REALLY 52,000 Naira for fuel I beg is your car leaking petrol.

Please answer this QUESTION everyone : If you own a company what you used your sweat to build up from scratch, and a conference was held at your behest and it so happens that you refund travel expensive is this how you would go about reimbursing participant. Case in point Nigeria is technically a company and Mr president is the company chairman.

If you don't have a problem about how the whole issue was handled then it is no wonder Nigeria is the way it is. By the way this event does not count as an interview or anything that need to be reimbursed I also think using a visitor to your house as analogy for gift of money is WRONG. If you had a position to fill in your office and people came for the interview from all over the country will you hand over 50,000 -150,000 to them each person? SERIOUSLY???

Anonymous said...

Stop with the excuses. What is the essence of having 500 people for lunch when less than a 10th of them where going to be talking are you raising fund??

Anonymous said...

@ Dlapikin I am sure Obama administration did not hand over $5000 much less $50,000

Anonymous said...

I DO remember when Tinubu was Lagos state governor and when his entourage passed he at time handed out ₦5000 , to anyone on the street, this fits in nicely to that category. Can anyone today tell me that Tinubu was a good governor?

Anonymous said...

you people should leave linda and other rep alone jooor. its this same people shouting that nobody listens to the youths and they are not on board the decision making in this country. Now the president invited youths y'all are shouting making unnecessary noise. For your info, i've been going on some of this conferences/dinner/lunch since i was young and they always reimburse people. how many of you can leave your house,businesses, schools and spend your own money to attend this functions without complaining. This shows there is nothing you can do satisfy Nigerian and as for those Sahara reporters, they'll get what is coming to them with their lies.

jae_1 said...

all u holier than thou people making noise would have still collected d money if u were there! naija people ehn...abeg u people should leave GEJ alone o, @ this rate i dont even know why he bothers cus it seems he's damned whether he does or not, u guys are just too used to complaining that u cant even notice when someone is trying...mscheeeew..nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Linda!! Linda!! How many times did I call you? From all indications you collected the can call it whaever you like,it's the national cake.I don't see you as the type that will see free money and not wait behind to get your own share.infect the Linda I know,even if she has reached oshodi b4 the money sharing began will turn back and go collect her share.not that I think there's much wrong with it,considering the economic situation of this described the packaging of the money very well for me to believe you didn't see the package.but it's all good.nobody is blaming you but as an adult you shld be able to own to whatever you did,after all nobody is bat to flog you....

Anonymous said...

Linda I am one of your fans but on this occasion i beg to disagree with you for the wasteful money that was given which i see as a bribe.

From close examination, I was trying to understand where the youths were. All these are old gargos from nollywood coming here to represent not the youths but their own selfish interest if not, what were they doing there? are they the naija youths that we are talking about? hell no. The youths on the streets that have no jobs are the ones that jonathan should be engaging with not with all these celebrities.

That was not a youth launch but a celebrity launch mschew silly people. Until he engages with people of low background before Jonathan can open that mouth of his to say he had a youth launch in the main time this is just a celebrity stunt that well and truely went wrong. Youth launch ko youth launch ni nonsense rubbish!!!

I know that you might not post this comment but as the saying goes the truth hots and truth be said.

sisi said...

First of all, you cannot compare those attended the lunch to dbanj bcos just bcos they attended the lunch does not mean they ENDORSE the president.
Two, a lot of the people who are condemning us are really upset because they were not invited. The president decided to invite 300 or 500 youth to lunch, some of you feel bad because you were not invited. I can understand that. I recommend that you do better in your career, maybe next time u will be recognized.
Three, I'm very busy, if the president wants me to come and share my ideas with him, he better be willing to pay for my time. A mere 50k cannot pay for 2/3 hours of my time.
Finally, most nigerians are hypocrites...u know u would collect that cash if no one would find out so please SHUTUP! The dbanj u are condemning now drives a Bentley, what do u drive? Abeg! Abeg! Abeg!

sisi said...

First of all, you cannot compare those attended the lunch to dbanj bcos just bcos they attended the lunch does not mean they ENDORSE the president.
Two, a lot of the people who are condemning us are really upset because they were not invited. The president decided to invite 300 or 500 youth to lunch, some of you feel bad because you were not invited. I can understand that. I recommend that you do better in your career, maybe next time u will be recognized.
Three, I'm very busy, if the president wants me to come and share my ideas with him, he better be willing to pay for my time. A mere 50k cannot pay for 2/3 hours of my time.
Finally, most nigerians are hypocrites...u know u would collect that cash if no one would find out so please SHUTUP! The dbanj u are condemning now drives a Bentley, what do u drive? Abeg! Abeg! Abeg!

Chi said...

Linda did you say 'unfair manner' or was I reading backwards?

When you put up posts of celebrities inciting your throng of followers to descend on them like lions in the colliseum, can that be adjudged as fair? Or when you put up pictures which even to a 10 year old is obviously unflattering and you chip in one word that brings about an avalanche of insults upon these people, can that be called fair? Now you're on the receiving end of the wrath of a lot of bloggers and people on twitter and FB and you cry 'unfair'??? I laugh in seven different languages!
Tell me truthfully, if you didn't attend this 'lunch' with the president, would this particular post ever have seen the light of day? I seriously doubt it. Well you know like they say, Karma is a bitch! Even the good book says 'whatever you give out, such will be given unto you in good measure'. So my dear, next time you want to put someone who has done nothing to you on display for your next 'circus freakshow', just remember that tomorrow it might be you.

Obi said...

@ Anon 8.44 - Dont tar them all with the same brush. You should not be angry with Chude as he has come out openly to say he did not receive any money and was not in support of it here

He spoke well and deserves our commendation. Your anger should be directed at the likes of Linda who didnt receive anything but justified it with this warped logic. Over $300 as honororium for attending and she sees nothing wrong because her own time is more important. Na wa o.

Special One said...

It's ideal for you to defend your stance as some one rightly said but at the same time those jobless critics might say you are pulling a fast one by providing the details. You really can't please people, follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

linda, i just started reading your blog not too long ago. at least for some weeks now.i know you're only human but i'm sorry to say i'm a bit disappointed by your 'defence'. i especially love the responses by myne whitman, fola and anon 8:44pm. personally in the first place, i think going for a lunch with the president on its own is an honor. i'll say it again, imagine if obama was calling the youth of his country to lunch, he WILL NOT dish out money to them for transport. its either you come or you do not come.i also think that this was a waste of money as i assumed it would have been a forum n not all about speech giving (pls think abt it, only a handful of people gave speeches yet everyone was compensated for coming). Ok, another thing too, @ fola's point, how come nysc earns a meager 9500 or so per month n for some hours u guys get that?(i know u dint collect but you would have)its ridiculous.finally, i read ur response that ur time wud have been worth much more than 50k. i agree but linda, he dint call you to pick your brains...this was different. in other circumstances such as him actually calling you for your expertise and placing a fee on the table so you'll know its being paid for, i'll agree.anyway, i think u should look at it holistically from all angles mentioned (read everyone's comment and not just those that sing your praises). you will definitely learn a thing or two. i will not stop reading your blog but please don't forget that you are a voice and everyone is watching too!

Dupe said...

Did you guys watch the Presidential thanksgiving service a few hours ago?? Ayo Oritsajefor preached and he spoke the truth to Jona and those in power. He said we dont want your money or reimbursements and things like that, you (govt and legislature) should make sacrifices for the progress of Nigeria. That is what Linda and her like could not do if offered the cash as "honorarium". So how much does the Nigerian govt under Jona budget daily for these kind of events and do the maths... They gave SNG money for transportation, the bring back the book group, youth group and civil society think tanks etc. Can this money be put into the badly needed sections that crave attention???

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to say to this.All i will say is if the youths presented their points to Mr President and he understood the problems facing Nigeria then maybe the lunch was worth it.

Anonymous said...

na wa, madam are we kids 52k for fuel,na aviation fuel haba do ur homework b4 opening ur mouth.

Anonymous said...

Let us call a spade a spade.If anyone collected money it is wrong.If you took that money, you are just like the rest of the corrupt politicians.If anyone accepted it, they must NEVER raise their voice to talk about the sorry state of the country.Even your conscience knows it is wrong...God help our country...

@ Myne Whitman thank you for your comment.I hope it knocks some sense into some corrupt youth who think collecting the money would have been a good idea.

Femiluv said...

Hmmm...Linda, nice write up I guess.

But I am so against the entitlement mentality though. Someone rightly pointed out about meeting with President Obama.

Ayodeji said...

Linda, this is the one time that you are wrong and your logic off. You cannot seriously be condoning sharing of brown envelopes at political events? You have all come out to say you didn't collect money. Some of us will believe you and some of us will not.

An online definition of reimbursement leaves no room for error: It is the act of compensating someone for an expense. Often, a person is reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses when the person incurs those expenses through employment or in a account of carrying out the duties for another party or member. You are neither employed by the President nor did you carry out any duty for him.

You have made an argument that you fueled your car. I agree. But to be reimbursed, you need to submit a receipt for the exact amount. Whatever extra is no longer an expense and in the Nigerian context, a bribe. Your logic that your time is more important is also faulty: if your time was that important and you didn't think the event was of any value to you, you should have rejected the invitation. Did you speak at the event? What honorarium are you talking about? You have tried to justify the indefensible and I am really disappointed in you for that.

Can you imagine if President Obama invited 400 youths from different parts of America for a lunch that was funded with tax-payers money or in this case, oil money, and then soled out $1000 at the end of the event to all the attendees? Don't you think there will be a probe?

I can see clearly now that Nigeria is not ready for the kind of change we need. We are all a part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sitting in the comfort of your plush offices, you think you are the voices for the Nigerian youths. You had the opportunity to convince us that you really rep us, but no, you couldn't say no to a lil piece of cheese... You had good lawyers there who could have spoken up that re-imbursement or whatever you(Linda) call is bribery.. How come there was no debate? You run NGOs in the most convinient city(lagos) and you think you can reach millions of other youths who have little or no access to information.. Go to the villages and experience the rawness of being a youth.. Only then will you ascertain if you really are the true voice of the youth... Btw 50k is chicken change but it could have stirred the right responses if you had done the right thing..

Anonymous said...


I really do not support ur stance in the collection of the so called 'bride'. Nigerians as a whole need to stop this reckless culture otherwise nothing will move forward.

Linda, you are a face of Nigerian youths so avoid communicating like this to the forward thinking-new Nigeria youths your voice should represents.

Anyone at the occassion should see it as a priviledge and opportunity to have the ears of the President not to enrich self pocket. Whatever amount shared either individualy or collectively can be converted to other useful purposes.

Let us together STOP this culture of give & take!

Linda Ikeji said...

hey guys, i already explained the 52k for was a figure of speech--- saying I spent more than they offered for reimbursement is saying my time is worth more than 50k.

3,500 fills my tank...i was just playing with's called figure of speech or sarcasm...

AYODELE said...

Linda you need to read this

Anonymous said...

One question for all who attended. Did you really have me(youth) in mind when you were picking out that dress/pants/shirt you wore to the lunch. Or were you thinking ' wow! There will be lots of hawt young people.. I would love to mingle and perhaps tingle with some of them'

Rubbish.. If the president really wanted a lunch with the real youths, he would have thrown an open invite in the national stadium.. But I bet all we would have got would have been 'puff puff and pure water'..

Ayo said...

@ Linda - I am so so disappointed. Your comments sound really arrogant. Compare your own response to this issue to Chude's response. He has done far more for Nigerian youth than you have and he didnt say his "time is more important than 50k". He did not even receive nor request for a "standard speaker fee".You did not speak so if you feel your time is more important or you are too important to be there without being compensated, you could have simply declined the invitation.

Anonymous said...

why all this fuss, the money was shared amongst a diff set of people rather than the same old politicians. Do you know how much senators are paid for each sitting? TAI

Artsville said...

Myne whitman, God bless you.
So Linda, you think that because they wouldn't have spent the money equipping a university, then it justifies our taking the money?

We cannot ask a government to be accountable then share in the embezzled funds. When we point 1 finger at them, four will point back at us.
I don't think people are angry at you or other non activists who collected the money. It is with the likes of Chude that my anger lay. Because when he called for a rally, in the scorching sun, I marched with him.But I hear he dind't collect the money so I am relieved. To claim to be an activist, you must be an altruist, fighting for other people's interest above your own. As for others, it was probably an opportunity to make quick bucks and I cannot begrudge them that. It is really not in my place to judge.Let their conscience do so.
But we know how corrupt the Nigerian political system is and the only way we can hold them accountable is to throw their money back in their faces and insist that they use it for the good of society. To partake in any free fall makes us a part of the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Linda,have you not heard of making sacrifices???you sacrifice your time,money and energy for the good of the nation,com'on dont tell me ur greedy too***im soo disappointed in you***

Ade_Cool said...

Wasn't this the same furore with Bakare that used to curse all the politicians and GEJ gave him the bait..when rumbled..Bakare said it was transport cannot make this things up apart from 9ja

I was surprised you didn't decline as you have not been too critical but pessimistic about GEJ..I cannot make him out myself..maybe after 2 years you can make a judgement call whether to attend or not..why?..'cos this Politicians are all hot air..always promising..
Seem like you were quite excited
Now if Fashola were to call a think people wouldn't risk arm and leg just to get there??...for free..

I think @Linda you need to come up with a more purposeful response not a throwaway comment..
At least Dbanj..and them Genny are honest only looking at the $$$ signs NOW but that's their gripe to bear in the future..

And those shouting hypocrites this and time..u have no light..hear Politicians stealing billions..water logged roads..Armed Robbers..don't say a word!!..'s like you read my mind..
The comment on water and puffpuff..we needed that ice breaker...very funny

Anonymous said...

miss Ikeji is trying to tell us that the money given to the participants wouldn't influence the judgement of the bunch of greedy youths that attended the bribe-fest in anyway about Jonathan.
If Linda Ikeji was there with a clear and open mind, could you still say that for the remaining 99.9% participants.

Sahara reporters should be commended in all ways and not vilified because they have all this while exposed the evil eating up this country whether they have been right on point or not.

Anonymous said...

the truth is always Bitter.
When a particular privileged segment of the Nigerian youth are invited for a "lunch" of this nature, your conscience would always tell you the true intentions of the invitation and exactly what you may expect at such invitation. leave this beat around the bush and lame effort at justifying the sin, coming almost 2 weeks after the Sahara reporters revelation. Corruption is rife in the country and all actions of public personalities are closely watched and appraised

Anonymous said...

52k,for what linda,i am so upset with ur post by d way who made u guys youth ambassadors or representatives.
pls about time we stop parading all d this nollywood and musician as youth leader,we have young nigerias fighting for d kids in ajegunle,spending their time n money in orphanages,youth corpers slaving away for nothing round nigerian,young doctors,lawyers ect,those a role model n representative as far as i am concerned.
the invites should have gone to kids in secondary school,young professional like doctors lawyers name it,d youths on d streets and activists,believe me in as much as i don't support d 50k bribe it would have helped the struggling youth on d street believe some of them need as little as 30k to start small business like pure water business,
youth representative ko youth ambassador ni corrupt youth leader,if u like post my comment i have said my peace

Chi-chi said...

So the Leaders of 2day has joined leaders of tommorrow to loot the national treasury!!! This is unbelievable and only in NG. So miss Lin which conference or political gathering abroad av you been paid for attending,get real.Whoever sponsored you for events re-imburses the exact amount spent after the conference which you av to submit your receipts, This is a no-no in political gatherings.I have been guest speaker in various medical conferences abroad fully sponsored either by pharm companies or my employers and not the Govt, infact, I have to even declare and pay taxes to the govt from these. A beg which part of your brain did GEJ picked? Tell me one new thing any body said there that was not part of GEJ's campaign promises or he has not heard or read about repeatedly?Thank U Ayodeji, myne whitman and those that spoke wisely on this matter.If not SR may be no NG news will have this story of youth bribery and gross people said this money could help in other area, if not building Labs in universities , what about research funding? At least do yourself the honor of keeping quiet, don't defence this FARCE called youth activism.

Anonymous said...

Linda, i love you more, especially publishing the comments, FOR or AGAINST, I can't speak the same for nairaland, where emperor Seun Osewa personally took over the politics section from the darling Aisha2 just to censor post criticizing Goodluck Jonathan. Well Done Linda, but please dont get caught up with this corrupt and sinful Jonathan's presidency.

Unknown said...

Mind my curiousity oo.. very important!you said "In fact if I’d been offered, I would have collected, because the fuel I bought on my way to this event cost me 52k. If I’d been given 50grand, I would have demanded for an extra 2k."... i keep wondering.. what kinda vehicle do you drive cos even a truck carrying cows from Jigawa to Lagos won't spend that much on diesel, Haba! haha!! kilode!!! Maybe you drove the new banned jet from wherever you came from or probably shattered Aero and fueled the plane on the way.. atleast be factual in your defence of whatever you did right or wrong... and nobody said a lunch was bad, but you guys should stop creative the impression you went there to represent 9ja youths without informing them.. and not you are telling them how much fuel you bought, abeg! take dressing, park well.. stop living a lie... come alive.

If I was about to believe you before, this just killed it... na who send you message.

Anonymous said...


You are such a fool it's not even funny.

THIS attitude of yours is EXACTLY what's wrong with NIGERIA......that "entitlement" thing.

Believing you are owed that slice of the pie.

Then you go around labelling yourself some kind of voice for the youth or some one who carries the pain of what naijas go through.

Your act is so transparent.....weird thing is,some of us saw right through you from day one.

Your blog was only a carefully orchestrated plan by which you wanted to thrust yourself into the public eye,gain the attention of those you feel would "require" your services, I.e. " renumerate you" ( read as bribe) for your precious time.

I would never trust you in a position of power,because if a Ghana- must go bag of money should pay a visit to you in the dead of the night from the appropriate quarters,you would gladly welcome it.

In some instances a sensible,disciplined person would ask the important questions WHY,WHAT For,WHERE from,..
and not your dumb response that you would have collected it.

Tell me how are you different fro the corrupt people who eat into our system daily?

The difference is probably a couple of hours by which you left early.

You just totally went down in my eyes,and trust me,some of us always watched you with one eye open.

Don't worry,shout loud enough,and maybe another government event might happen and you Luke be invited.
That time around,remember to wait behind and collect your money.
Least knowing you,the 50k would have made a LOT of difference in your life.

Shameless girl.


Unknown said...

To digress a from your figurative figure of speech that i think was coined etc... I personally blogged about you and your cronies on and i want to believe everything word i wrote was what the "key press" and thought that produced it. Here you are defending your representation of Nigerian Youths with hen "If I Linda Ikeji call someone on the phone and say; please come to my office... I buy them a drink" Now I know how intelligent you are and worthy a representative you are... Abeg don't ever in your life stand up to say I am representing Nigerian youths again anywhere... here you were chewing away at GEJ a few days ago, now he's a good man, that is buying kola for liars and schemers like you and your friends that went to the lunch with personal agenda... etc. When you got there and saw the people that were absent from the lunch, "body no do you one kind?" I guess your gluttony beclouded your sense of reasoning for some hours; it was just your nose that was working?

This is really sad, who gave you the right to watch the president, you and Chude and whoever became a security man? A president you didn’t vote for? Don’t worry, the president is being watched already close to 100million people. Thank God you showed your real self before too many people started trusting you, now we are watching you like vultures on a travellers tail, like a wolf we are following your scent and confirming your ill intentions, you stand here to defend yourself.. If nothing went wrong, if it were true representation, then there should be no need to defend a thing, but I guess the point man is your colleague like the PDP guy said, Chude I believe.

Just sit down, come to think of it, x-ray the present prevailing system and think of the outcome of what you guys did. Oh you got carried away by the excitement of the presidential invitation and in the process you've just told the thiefing thieves that they should go on with whatever ill plans they have, that as long as you the Fantastic 400 are taken care of, the youths will be quiet... No you are wrong, now you are one of the many under our watch.. No need to hide, just find wisdom in our reaction. We are not against you, but we are against your value system, what you stand for, who you are.

The PDP used you in testing their agenda if it was still intact “they were against me pre-election, let me see if it’s not just to gain prominence and make some money” and you confirmed it, putting millions of youths on the line for your own tiny purse. Now you are recognised, but you are on the wrong side of the fence. You don’t have the army or SSS and even the police is not your friend, the only friends you have, the youths the streets is now against you... tell me what is left of you? You =You and your friends. Let’s see what become of you guys, let’s watch out it all goes... I know you now, who you really and when i say I it means The Nigerian Youth.

PS: This response needs your approval if you are to vindicate you.

Damisola said...

Linda, It's quite upsetting that after everything you still think it is justifiable to receive the money. I know you didn't but it's your attitude I'm talking about now. Anybody over 30 does not qualify as a youth. So that strikes out you, Genevieve, Rita and I'm pretty sure there were a host of others. If he really wanted to pick your brains, there would have been a report on the issues discussed and your contributions. a few hours with the president does not qualify as brain picking. It was just a way of introducing himself to you people.
You never commented on what the President said or how he answered questions. Was it that bad?
I don't know how much you make every hour but there are a lot of people who do not make this 50k in a month. You and whoever that Sisi commentor is are really not that important. No one is jealous. And 52M can go along way for a university or even an institution like the Old People's home or any of the National hospitals. I don't know what it would take for you to admit that your stance is wrong.
Bottomline: If this is the attitude of the youth of our nation, we sure aren't moving forward anytime soon. Pity, you represented us.
P.S I still enjoy reading your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Linda I think you missed the point, if you did not recieve any money, say so. Not that you're entitled to because quite frankly you are not. The fact is that our country and no country for that matter can not afford to diss out money to people for showing up at a political event. It is wrong, wastefull and highly unethical.

People like you and Rita Dominic have already gotten so much from the country that you need to be giving back if anything not collecting. The government is investing in Nollywood, and Nigerian citizens are supporting it despite the very poor work they put out. The same people support your blog where you not only get paid through ads, but gain a good amount of expossure for yourself and your other interests.

That money needs to be invested wisely so it not benefits people like you, Rita Dominic and others who can afford to buy gas for a car, but also those that leave in the slums who die from hunger and preventable disease. It not the Governments money to share to a chosen few. We need to invest in Education, Health care, Infracstructures, Trade, Social Amenities and others. The chain of corruption has to end somewhere and the problem is that everyone feels they should be an exception.

I believe you when you say you didn't get any money, but please don't ever think you have the right to. If that where the case, every citizen should have been invited and offered the same amount of money to show up. We can't keep giving to only people who can afford, otherwise the rich keep getting richer and poor poorer. Barack Obama, the President of the richest country in the world does not hand out cash to people that show up at a Presidential event, nither should Goodluck Jonathan the President of a third world country.

Anonymous said...

As for the commentator called SISI you must be a very silly person for you to open that gutter stinking mouth of yours to say the trash that you have just said. So it is okay for one to be bribed abi? There are those of us who earn a 6 figure salary here in the UK as a nigerian professional that would gladly give up our time free of charge to fight for the youths of 9ja without collecting a dime even spending our own money without waiting to be reimbursed by some silly president of 9ja so shut that trap you call mouth and don't comment rubbish next time.

As for you linda i take time out of my busy schedule to read your blog and sahara reporters because you give credible news but on this instance i am disappionted with you for defending that nonsense that you are talking about it is a bribe shekena. Wheather na 1 kobo or 50K you guys should have thrown it back to jonathan for him to see that the youths (and a lot of you who attended the lunch where not youths) can not be bought.

We are talikng now and you are angry well that would teach you a lesson that next time you would not get yourself involved in rubbish like this so therefore take the criticism that comes along with your insensitivity to matters.!!!

MeeT said...

I do not have any problem with any youth that attended the lunch. It was a privilege for you to meet your president but let no one absolutely no one justify the money shared. Once again I repeat it was a privilege and that’s enough “renumeration.” Next time you feel you could do something more productive by all means do and not go expecting the time taken off your work to be compensated.

@ Sisi

Please get over yourself. You have done absolutely nothing worthwhile or earth shattering to make you more qualified to meet the president than the recent graduate looking for a job. If your likes are the so called leaders of tomorrow then people we are in trouble. If people like you were the ones called to represent the youths then wahala dey we just don’t know it.

Miss Elle said...

This is BS and you know it. The fact that the "youth" see nothing wrong with getting kick backs makes me wonder if there can ever be any revolution in this country.
To start with, how much is $50K that will be enough compensation for all the insults you will receive. That 50k you sold your soul and those of your unborn children for will not last a night out at Marquees.
Correction, there is nothing right about being paid for the president picking you brain (although I'm yet to understand how he did that). Anyone who was there should have been there out of love for the country and not to be remunerated.

Anonymous said...

What  was the offense of all you 500 Youths for attending a lunch meeting with the President?
Quite simply--Nothing. 

But for collecting money OR even making a case for collecting money is the offense! 
Linda and those applauding your reasoning/explaination- there is no way collecting money and justifying the need to collect money not questionable. 

Really? "your time" is worth more than 50k? Seriously how can we possibly put a price on the dire state of things in Nigeria? A country where over 90% of those who wrote WaEC failed their core subjects? All that poverty? Several millions unemployed? 

You guys were not called their offer professional advise to the president and his office. 

It is not a "job" or a task to stand up and defend  your rights as a citizen of a country and demand that your leaders should be accountable for their actions. This is common knowledge in many parts of the world: re the advanced ones where people really do know what it means to stand up for one's country. But I disgress.

You mentioned that all speakers were articulate. Well, good for them. That's what's expected of a leader, speaking on behalf of his/her mates, representing this all mihr cause for "change".
So was Mr President articulate too? What were some of his "promises" for a better tomorrow, for Nigeria? Anything other than the usual?

He did not need 500 people to hear the views of the Nigerian Youth... that's what he uses his FB for. Besides he lives in the country, he's a learned man. He's heard it all before and he knows it all.

Again, the way we mix things up in naija and just don't get things done the right way! What was d inspiration for this gathering? A "town hall" kind of affair? Like see Western leaders doing occasionaly? Is this his own idea of "transparency"? Of a leader of the people?

In that case 50 -100 people would have been ideal.  If it is true that money was passed around, The event was a financial waste! Even if brown bags were not distributed, a lunch event for 500+ is wasteful logisticallyspeaking!

I pray It will not take a Revolution to get Nigeria out of all these trouble we are in.  Almost like there's a curse on this country and it's going to take forever to get cleansed off it.

 The truest examples of people that have shown what it means to really "demand change" from leaders are the thousands of lives ( women, children, babies, fathers, mothers, bread winners ) lost across the middle east and Cameroon since the begining of this year.   

I ask you Linda, Chude and Rita and all those really championing this "cause", of proudly representing the Nigerian youth- eyes:mouth:ears--- will you be at the fore front to lead a"revolution" if we ever do get to that point of hopelessness, where our backs  are pushed so far back against the wall, that we have nowhere else to turn to? When we would be sick and tired of waiting for God to TAKE CONTROL?

Will you stand infront of army tanks and dare the drivers to shoot at you , so you further influence the outcome of the revolution to effect everlasting positive change?

If YES, then there is no justification under the sun for  money/brown envelope/hononarium.

But if u say NO, then that selflessness trait you  think u possess...using to justify putting yourselves out there ... speaking on behalf of the Nigerian Youth is imaginary. 

We naijas call it LIVER. If una no get am, then you are not ready for any revolution.

Wanting and demanding change is a whole lot more than organising  rallies and threatning ppl that are above the law in a lawless country that you"ll be "watching..."



Meet said...

Let me just say the only person I feel has been unduly slammed the most is chude. He came across as sincere and I admire him for that. I think it is highly unfair to paint him with the same brush used for the likes of sisi who sees the invitation as a validation of their I-have-arrived status.

Anonymous said...

The truth is most of us would have collected that money if we were there but we weren't that aside, After reading through this blog and other online sources I now understand more than ever before the problem we are facing as a society (one man is working another one is taking the glory), NYSC members risked their lives in the name of national service to conduct election in the new pakistan or bomb central of West Africa and they were paid around N9000 per election, weeks later some Nigeria spoit kids went launchin wit GEJ and they were paid btw N50,000 and N150,000. Upon that I am sure nobody was there to represent these corp members who have contributed more meaningfully to our democracy than all the chude, linda and rita dominic of bribe central republic could ever afford.
To defend yourself is to fight a lost battle, if you must save of what remains of your tanished image I implore you to use every medium you have to apologise to the Nigerian youth, thats the only way we will ever take serious again.
Your continues defence of the bribe as being transport fare is disgusting and your logic way off key, my prayer is for GOD to give Nigeria leaders that put the people's suffering first before their pockets and finally if every youth were to be like you and other fantastic (500?) God knows how many of you sold your birth right to pdp then Nigeria must be hopeless.

Linda Ikeji said...

A group representing Goodluck Jonathan came to me in march to place a 'vote for GEJ' advert on my blog...i turned it down. they were going to pay me in dollars and i said i don't do political ads...some of u might have seen the ads on other platforms. i turned my back on it...and trust me, that money was way more than 50k

when i was invited in feb/march to a lunch with the president, i didn't even bother replying their mail.

but this time, it was different. the man had already won an election.

If the youths of this country had been planning a protest against the govt and the president had gotten wind of it, called for a ‘lunch’ and given out envelopes....that’s bribe.

If he had been seeking re-election, called for a ‘lunch’ and given out envelopes....that’s bribe.

But that was not the case in this situation, he wasn’t looking for any favours from us, that is why i went this time and i keep saying the supposed envelopes which i never saw, is ‘thank u for coming’, which i personally do all the time when people come see me. Which our older and richer relatives and friends do to us when we go see them.

How long did i carry the killing of the youth corpers on my blog? how many times have i criticized this president on this same blog?

u say we've been bought? ok, wait and see now abi?

And did someone say i’m no longer a youth? I’m 30yrs old, doesn’t youth end at 35? U people are beginning to really annoy me. like most of u wouldn't have collected the envelope...make i hear word abeg.

keep abusing me and see if i won't ban you from this blog...

Oh btw, i make 1dollar for every hour i sit in front of my computer, so imagine what 50k would have done for

i'm done talking about this jor...abuse me all you like...i stand by what i wrote...i'd rather be honest with you guys than lie just to be in ur good books.

Anonymous said...

Linda, remember they saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"? I want to believe the whole idea of the lunch was for the youths to have a voice and make their requests known to the president. If that is the case, I honestly see no reason why a "thank you for coming" package should be distributed. Thank you for what? Representing the youths of Nigeria? Or asking the president to make life better for the youths?

And then to think that you are still coming here to defend your stand, that you would have collected the money if it got to you. I really find that disappointing. If the youths of our country are thinking like you, then the light at the end of this tunnel of bribery and corruption is enormously far away.

MeeT said...

Linda, please most posters here are not condemning you for going. I think it's foolishness to condemn anyone for going. What many are against is the money shared and its justification by you and others. STOP comparing it to your uncle. Your uncle gives out his money and not his company's money. GEJ didnt dole out his personal money, he took money out of the nation's coffers. You were not hired to do anything so your sense of entitlement is annoying. The corpers are paid 9000+ yet you think you are worth 50000 for meeting with the president and having lunch. Na wa o. Our mentality about certain things needs serious overhaul.

Anonymous said...

One thing i find endearing about you Linda, is your honesty. I used to be a hater but I'm beginning to really respect you. You should always tell the truth no matter whose ores is gored. And trust me, every single person condemning you here would have collected that money without a moment's hesitation, I can bet my last dime on that. Nigerians are known to be hypocrites, so please stop replying them. You do well.

Anonymous said...

Please most people would have done the same
is not an excuse. In a lawless society most people would commit crimes knowing they would get away with it but that still doesn't make it right . Embezzling is the norm in nigeria that doesn't mean I should shut up when I see someone do it. whether I will do the same if given the opportunity is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

linda why u uploading all these insults to ur person???????? i don't think ur doing yourself any justice pls start censoring

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling most of you bashing Linda didn't even bother reading what she wrote. Bunch of hypocrites. Linda, you get time

Ade_Cool said...

Funny enough If this were Bella wouldn't have been surprised..reason why people like coming on here is 'cos Linda is perceived as down for anything kind of chic..she's at home with the high rollers or the downtrodden.
If anything it shows how high people rate you ethically and morally..they feel robbed..that no not our Linda..I'm sure she didn't take a dime..but you should have left it at need for the jara..that led to all this furore..
The others we know are leeches so we not bothered about them..FACT!!

And those saying Linda should block out the we've moved on from brown envelopes to seeing the cultural traits already

And NO!! personally I wouldn't take it I would question it 'cos there's nothing like free can easily spend or use on investments 1Million a how much can they really give??

Makes you aware of the sacrifices people like Tai Solarin..Fela..Gani..Sam Mbadiwe..Major Nzeogwu had to make..only the Lord knows how many brown envelopes they had to reject!!..
The implication is Nigeria would never have the mindset of say a Ghanaian or Egytpian..Sudanese..that sacrifices have to be made..what the heck PSquare..Funke Akindele..Princess..2face..Obafemi Martins all got no matter how much national cake you chop you can never be safe..on the other hand if we had a secure environment without all the poverty and misery...Well..u know the rest

kennie said...

we all read what she wrote.thing is its the same linda thats was showing us pdp rice and n biscuits in the build up to the elections.stick to fashion dear.your politics is way off and you trying to justify a bribe as something else haba u wan .we r nigerians we know how the system works.i would rather say "yes or no i collected the money so what" no body has a rite to decide what u do.but dont come to the public space and call a spade an agricultural instrument.BS honoranium ke what service did u

Anonymous said...

Linda, no one has any problem with you attending. Lets not confuse issues here. Its the justification of the "thank you for coming" and the amount given of N50 000 for a few hours when corpers for example earn N9 500 and minimum wage for a month is N18 000. We can agree to disagree on this one, like someone pointed out, issues like this show us people's character. Chude reacted with so much class and my respect for him as gone up a notch and you on other hand reacted quite irrationally.

Uche said...

Linda pls ignore these bloody idiots and bunch of hypocrites.Bad belly people.

you get time ooo

Linda Ikeji said...

jeez @chi chi, i was just kidding. my goodness, some of u people kill me. how am i going to ban u from this blog, is that even possible?

my darling, i was kidding ok? even if i wanted to, which i don't, it's not possible! so enjoy....

tomiwa said...

please n please people i'm a bit confused here is it the going to the lunch that was wrong or collecting t/fare??? for linda i just have one advise to dispense go and listen to Ebenezer Obey's classic about 'ketekete' u simply cannot please everybody if u did it will be why did you? if u don't it will be why did u not? but personally i'll say those crucifying you should go jump into the lagoon if they were invited they wouldn't decline thats d truth. pls can we go on to something else worth talking about???

tomiwa said...

mssccchhhhewwwww! Nigerians (not every) are hypocrites and terrible liars so they collected the money so f****** what? is it that money they collected they'll spend for the rest of their lives? some of you ranting over 50k earn more than that in a month how many of the less privileged that you are sooo defending now do you even remember? many of us finished from secondary schools and universities that their situation is like that of Somalia we all sit n accuse government of neglect how many of us in our own little way has visited an orphanage in the last two years or ever thought of donating books even if its 10 or 5 to the schools we finished from? (Uni or sec sch)or help a poor family down our street with even if its two dericas of rice or olohdo of gari( i'm sure many of you apostles of the poor don't even know what that is)yet we love our poor so much without knowing that all this little drops indeed make a mighty ocean and would make an hungry face smile even if its for one night .so u guys stop quarreling over 50k that has judiciously met some peoples needs and start showing love to your countrymen GOD BLESS THIS BLOG N GOD BLESS NIGERIA (if una like make una say amen)AMEN God bless GEJ too

Olufunmi said...

@Tomiwa, love ur comment... everyone is waiting for those in power to save the country forgeting we all have to start assisting in our own lil way.
@Linda, kip up the good job n rem u cant please every.

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