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Monday 23 May 2011

Dimeji Bankole Being Considered For Ministerial Appointment?

According to Vanguard, the outgoing Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, has been pencilled for a ministerial slot. Informed Presidency sources said Bankole may become the new minister of state Foreign Affairs to pair up with Odein Ajumogobia, who is also expected to retain his seat as Foreign Affairs minister. Bankole, who was voted into office on the platform of the PDP lost his re-election bid in last month’s general elections. The ministerial slot may be some kind of compensation for him.

The same guy who used the National Assembly accounts as collateral to secure a N10 billion loan? Shouldn't they be investigating him instead?


Ary said...


Anonymous said...

Why is everyone surprised, if you want to be a Nigerian leader you need to have attended the school of arm robbery, because he is not the first or last that will commit looting, forgery of thievery of our national reserve

nutritionalert said...

It's time for Nigeria to start recycling paper and plastic instead of politicians alone.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. I hope this is not true.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Why blog this ole barawu? He used the House of Reps. to take the loan of N10 million for himself. I thought he was from a rich family.

If he becomes a minister then I would suspend coming back to Nigeria and Jonathan would have to be go or face impeachment. I would actually cry for our beloved country... Bank-ole!

Anonymous said...

But the loan wasnt for him??? It was to pay members allowances. He was basically just being a good leader trying to ensure that all house members get their due before the new administration given that the 2011 budget has not been passed.

Anonymous said...

blood of jesus

dimjoejizle said...

Chai...dis guy is VERY UGLY.......see lip be like plate.......Yoruba men sha

Chilling said...

Anon May 23, 2011 10:39 PM; he squandered most of the loan.

Does this surprise anyone, when even the likes of Akala, Ohakim, OGD, Agagu, Dora, Kema, et al want to be Ministers. Let's wait and see. If it happens, then it's BAU.

j said...

I swear if AKALA,OHAKIM,OGD,AGAGU OR BANKOLE become ministerS ehn
it only shows that Jonathan has got some missing nuts in his head haba

Bull shit
infact I tire for this stupid country

Anonymous said...

you must be daft
wetin you mean by yoruba men sha
we love dose lips and love to suck em
go hang on a cliff
mumu like you
bloody tribalistic bigot

Anonymous said...

This is saddening. So much for an anti-corruption crusade. A man took a loan last year without telling his colleagues, the info just leaked recently, thought he would have been arrested. This is more than Etteh was accused of, yet she got impeached. This guy has stolen lots more, and he is about to be rewarded. God save Jonathan; God save Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

@ nutritionalert, Luv ur comment! Other countries are looking for innovative ways @ sustainability,energy/heat production,green technology etc and we are still juggling same ol' donkey politicians innovative @ public funds embezzlement. I always knew that Goodluck guy was as dumb as he looked! Crucify me as you like but I am entitled to my opinion!! SMH @ Nigeria!!!

Jen said...

@ Dimjoe, you are such a fool for saying Yoruba men, meaning all yoruba men are Ugly. Keep ur hating remarks to your self. Every Tribe in Nigeria has their good and bad looks, so no need to single out yoruba men!!!
Btw wld rather date a Yoruba man than any other tribe in Nigeria, cus of 1. their intellectual abilities and their exposure. And am from Edo.

Anonymous said...

smh if this happens only in a country as retarded as this. Women giving birth on the floor of hospitals, no good hospitals, no ellipticity, no good roads, education in shambles and thief's still want to come back and carry on looting from where they stop what a big shame GEJ is if he appoints him.

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