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Thursday 26 May 2011

Anger as policeman shoot passengers in Lagos over N100

Less than 24 hours after a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and a Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) were killed by some rampaging soldiers in Lagos, the blood of some innocent Nigerians were again shed yesterday, allegedly by some policemen detailed to guard the Isheri-end of the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.
For the refusal of the driver of a commercial bus to part with N100, three mobile policemen opened fire on the bus, killing and injuring some of the passengers.

Photo of a dead victim when you continue...

Some passersby cried when they saw one of the dead victims on the ground at OPIC Bus Stop with his brains out. He was drenched in his own blood.

A woman passenger was shot in the eyes while another passenger had his hand shattered by bullets.
They were rushed to an undisclosed hospital.

Angry residents took the body of the victim with shattered head to the front of a popular building in the area, looking for the policemen who, by then, had fled.

One of the passengers, Adeseye Oladimeji, told the Nigerian Compass that the white bus with registration number, XU 163 SMK, left Ojota for Ibafo with about eight passengers before the attack. Bullet holes were seen on the body of the bus.

Said Oladimeji: “I thank God that I am alive. Look at me, I am not hurt yet blood is all over my body. It is the blood of other passengers. We boarded the bus from Ojota, heading to Ibafo. When we got to OPIC junction, we were surprised to see a check-point. The mobile policemen were three in number.
“They asked the driver to give them N100 and the driver pleaded with them that he just came out and that he would see them later. One of them asked him to go, and at a very close range, they started shooting at us. Besides this man on the ground, I can tell you that almost four persons are at the verge of death while one woman was hit by a bullet in her eyes. For another who may survive, his hand was shattered by bullets, among others.”

When the Nigeria Compass called the Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, he expressed shock and promised to investigate the incident.

Source: Kenneth Mokwenye & Jonathan Eze via compassnewspaper.


yehni djidji said...

This is unbelievable...Which kind of nonsensical policemen is that?
May the soul of the poor passengers RIP.
Killed for 100N! And it is not even sure that the responsible of this madness will be put in jail!

Abike said...

This is rubbish. Utter rubbish. WHat kind of nonsense is this?? DO u curse this kind of people or do u just silently pray that they remain in mourning for the rest of their lives? They've thrown at least one family into mourning. SO NOT COOL

Anonymous said...

...promised to investigate the matter ko! The PRO was probably one of the clowns who sent the illiterate police officers that shot at a bus full of the same citizens they were supposed to protect! God help us!!

Rocky Pascal said...

This is another wake-up call on President Jonathan to review the entire police hierrachy and the policeman must be made to face the law.

Anonymous said...

See Policemen. after dem go say soldiers dey attack them. see frying pan calling kettle black...

Special One said...

Absolutely shocking and disgraceful! The policemen should be arrested and given a taste of their own medicine!

Anonymous said...


EJ said...

this is why i was somehow glad that soilders are dealing with them because these so call police own is beyoung imagination.
I strongly surggest that guns should be retrive from the police and barton return to them.
That is why policemen are not progressing, may the innocents blood be upon them (police).

Angel said...

This is unbelivable, the evil doers will never go unpunish, POLICE again? ah.

diva said...

unbelievable. such a lawless country that we live in. you take lives because of N100. that's not even up to a dollar. i hope they find these evil men and relieve them of their duties. ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. Our president need to do something about these policemen quick. This can not continue.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. Our president need to do something about these policemen quick. This can not continue.

Anonymous said...

Passengers should start arming themselves.

Anonymous said...

leave all this people...they harrass the lives f innocent people because of egunje....e no go better for all of them as they kill innocent people and bring pain on the lives of those they left behind...ah i hate policemen in nigeria sha..mtcheww

Anonymous said...

Guns should be taken away from these illiterates. Accounting for bullets used, seems not to be working again. Also, the government should improve the lives of these men,pay them more. But before that, those who are responsible to this, should be brought to JUSTICE ,even sentenced to Death/life improsonment.

Anonymous said...

Everybody run run run
Everybody scatter scatter
Some people lost some bread
Someone nearly die
Someone just die
Police dey come, army dey come
Confusion everywhere
Hey yeah!
Seven minutes later
All don cool down, brother
Police don go away
Army don disappear
Them leave Sorrow, Tears, and Blood
Them regular trademark!


Anonymous said...

wat a nonsense,how i wish d Soldiers will wip all d policemen away within a tiwinkle of an eye.wat arrant nonsense bcos of #100,may God release his anger upon them IJN

Chinny said...

I say we all take this to GEJs Facebook page (which he reads). They need to take these guns off these hoodlums with no respect for human lives. Some people are barbaric, they deserve to die by firing squad. Ekpenta gbagbu kwa ha! (leprosy attack them)..hisss

Anonymous said...

Police people are causing trouble in this country, they need to be wiped out, i like the way soldiers dealt with them last tuesday, they must reap their sow.

Anonymous said...

Reading about things like this, hearing about things like this, just makes me feel so hopeless and helpless in my own father land!the only explanation to this diabolical act is that the policemen suddenly were filled with demonic possession and lashed out like their father - Lucifer.Linda, since it seems you are kind of close to people in power (as GEJ dey call u for meeting so), i think u ought to help us take messages to them.THEY SHOULD DO ALL IN THEIR POWER TO GIVE US A SENSE OF SECURITY. we at least deserve that if nothing else.

Dee said...

this is not true going by what Army men just did to this Foolish men in Black, Nigeria police is Evil, Mr President should pls take they off the road, to avoid there killing innocent citizens because of #20, #50 and #100 that they joined the poklice to collect. God help us from this useless police we have in this country

Shegreeny said...

If the police army, navy are not made to account for the bullet they are given on a daily then this would not stop, because its either they shoot you themselves or rent the guns out for money. i dey vex.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:22a.m....Singing along them regular trademark ooo RIP FELA!!!

Anonymous said...

Nigerian army would wipe out the entire police force its a promise.

Anonymous said...

Army, police, don't know which is worse....bunch of illiterate monkies that lack gaining. This is what u get when fools are given uniform and placed in authority. The recruitment system is poor. Criminals are given uniforms and pretend to serve the people and land. They are all glorified criminals , how can they police properly? They don't know how to do their jobs properly.


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