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Sunday 22 May 2011

Yeni Kuti and Salawa Abeni turn 50 this month

 Ms Yeni will turn 50 this week, while the queen of waka music, Ms Abeni, was two weeks ago.Wishing them many more successful years ahead.


Adewale igando said...

Salawa Abeni 50 ke,Linda shey o sure pe o o mu oti ni aro yi?
I tot she was 50 a decade ago,who gave u dis info?

omo jeje said...

Salawa Abeni 50 ke? Emi gan, as you see me so ehn, I'm 19.

Ms. J said...

lol@ Adewale igando

Anonymous said...

Salawa is NOT 50 o!!! Pls


Anonymous said...

salawa only 50 cmon now!!!

Anonymous said...

Salawa Abeni was born in 1960, she did her debut album in 1976, she started quite young. He first daugter & child is 30 dis year. So peeps shes 50. K1 is 4 years older than her. Everybody knows dat except u pple on dis platform.

Anonymous said...

Nike Oshinowo et al, take a look at Yeni,That is how to age naturally and beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Salawa is 50. She was born in 1960 and she has been singing before she turned 10.

Chilling said...

Happy Birthday to Yeni. She looks way younger.
Salawa 50? It's possible that's her real age but she looks way older than that.

olugbode said...

Yes, Queen Salawa is 50, she was my cousin's classmate in elementary school. I am 55 and was already in high school while they were in primary school. She started singing very young.HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN SALAWA.
Olugbode-Frisco TX

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