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Monday 23 May 2011

You guys are fantastic!!!

Y'all probably just helped save a marriage. The guy who needed your advice about his marital problems has been reading your comments and you guys got to him.

Here's what he sent to me.
The feedback was helpful, there was alot to take in, and thought provoking.
I plan to take her away next week and we can discuss things.
Thanks again for posting.
You see, there's more to this blog than just gossip!...:-).
If you need to share your problems with other people, just send me an email...don't worry, you will be anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Very well done. Anytime Linda

Anonymous said...

I wish them the very best of luck! it is well

Ms E said...

Good to know and hope it works for him.

Adenike said...

wats ur email Linda? thanks.

Anonymous said...

im not sure if that will cure his problems. i am in the same shoe like this guy, and i ended this 5 years wobbling relationship. today, i feel so weightless and im glad i took that painful and hard decision. my piece of advice: a relationship without passion is just companionship. I would do fine with a male friend than with such a wife.
Tu Much

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:32, pls could u enlighten us more on what you mean by your comment? What kind of wife and relationship are you talking about and why did you end your's, thanks

Chilling said...

That was the best post i had read here in a while. It was so enlightening. I left no comment, because the posts covered everything. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:32, most relationships are not birthed with passion therein.You work at it.Even those with passion fizzle out.
You work at it.
You can't end a relationship due to a lack of passion.Passion is often hard work but it is always well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Linda, pls STOP 'saying' y'all, PLEASE, I BEG you please.


Anonymous said...

Yaaay. God bless you and your marriage and let God guide you through out every step of your decision Amen.

In other news... there are a lotta Weirdo's that comment on this blog.
WTF @ anonymous 10: 08 (ema) or wateva. how does Linda saying "y'all" affect u? why should she stop saying it? y'all is a shorter way of saying "you all".. i swear some of y'all got major issues. smh.

Linda some comments are not worth posting yo! fa real!

yehni djidji said...

Auntie Linda doing her thing! There are so many ways to help people!

Anonymous said...

Glad he is taking her away next week as i had suggested thank you for doing that and i tell you she would appreciate it.

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