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Sunday 22 May 2011

Charly Boy, Onyeka Onwenu's biopic in the works

The man behind Dagrin’s Ghetto Dreamz biopic, movie producer Ope Banwo, has said he plans to produce a biopic on Charly Boy and Onyeka Onwenu. So, expect to see that one day!

Who do you think should play them?


Anonymous said...

Word of advice for Ope Banwo, I watched the Dagin so-called bio-pic and I think it was rubbish artistically, except for the cinematography. The guy who played Dagrin sucked. His girlfriend in the movie was too old for him and there was no flow between them. So many silly short-comings. I guess the Nigerian Entertainment Press must have been bribed not to review this movie, objectively. The reason why it might have been a moderate box-office succes was just out of curiousity from the audience and the recency of the Dagrin tragedy which we all know. If this Ope fellow believes anyone will go out to watch a Charly Boy bio-pic or Onyeka with the silly production style employed in the Dagrin movie, he needs a rethink. Typically, the man might be thinking of cashing in on the usual Nollywood rush for a formula that seems to work first time. Soon, all Nollywood producers will rush to do 'stupid' bio-pics and mess up that genre. I'm looking forward to the 'Fela' HOLLYWOOD produced bio-pic starring Chinwetel Ejiofor. I also hear there's one being shot on Majek Fashek in New York by a Hollywood team headed by Charles Novia. Those projects sound promising...just promising...till we get to see them...

Anonymous said...

With that rubbish he produced as Dagrin Biopic abi? I hope he's on earth can a sane producer let Doris Simeon play Dagrin's girlfriend.dagrin wldnt date someone like Doris for God's sakes.Did he take out time to really knw who dagrin was,so as to knw who to cast (since its our producers that cast) The so called Dagrin in the movie,Gosh! That wasnt close to the Dagrin i knew.Does this Banwo guy even knw wat a biopic is suposed to be?pls,dnt give us anymore,pls.jus go take a rest already.*hiss*

Chilling said...

Denrele can play Charly Boy! he'll be right at home in that role. Still can't think of who should play Onyeka Onwenu.

Amanda said...

@Chilling,I should play Onyeka Onwenu.I am her no 1 fan.Loving how gracefully she is ageing.

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