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Tuesday 24 May 2011

New Music: Kel ft Lami - Superwoman

Super Woman is the rapper's 2nd single from her upcoming sophomore album. Listen to it below....

8 comments: said...

she's mos-def serious about a come back. wish her well.

yehni djidji said...

So Linda you know now how to put music on your blog....That's good!

Anonymous said...

this girl and her crap fake accent.
i will never take her serious as long as she sticks to this fake accent of hers.

naso said...

men anonymous may 24...jst shut the hell up..wats wrong wit her accent...ur jst hating

Anonymous said...

her accent shit...aargh.kel abeg u and muna una own too much. haba abeg take a cue from sasha. can't they rap without sounding like phony americans?the song is okay though but lami abeg find another profession for our sake ehn.

Anonymous said...

She's very beautiful and a decent rapper.

Anonymous said...

Her make up artist should be shot, the eyebrows are killing me!!

Julia Cates said...

Really superwomen.
I like her lips.
Very nice eye shades.
Thanks for share.
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