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Tuesday 24 May 2011

It's Ryan Giggs of Man-U. The Sunday Herald reveals footballer accused of trying to gag Twitter!

Scottish newspaper The Sunday Herald revealed a picture of Ryan Giggs on its front cover yesterday with a subhead that read “Everyone knows that this is the footballer accused of using the courts to keep allegations of a sexual affair secret. But we weren’t supposed to tell you that …”

The footballer at the heart of the controversy is alleged to have been involved in an affair with Imogen Thomas, the British TV star of the show Big Brother.

In the newspaper’s editorial, The Sunday Herald said “Today we identify the footballer whose name has been linked to a court super injunction by thousands of postings on Twitter. Why? Because we believe it is unsustainable that the law can be used to prevent newspapers from publishing information that readers can access on the internet at the click of a mouse.

“Because we believe it unfair that the law can not only be used to prevent the publication of information which may be in the public interest but also to prevent any mention of such a court order. The so-called super injunction holds no legal force in Scotland where a separate court order is needed. We should point out immediately that we are not accusing the footballer of any misdeed. Whether the allegations against him are true or not has no relevance to this debate.”

A high court in the United Kingdom had granted a search order against Twitter to try to find out who had named the prominent footballer as the alleged center of the controversy.

This revelation came less than 24 hours after celebrating the Premier League title. His reputation as a family man was rocked when he was finally outed as the high-profile player who had used the courts to keep details of his extra-marital affair a secret and the announcement came as a relief to Miss Thomas, who broke down in tears on television over the affair.

The pair allegedly enjoyed a six-month fling, meeting in secret at a string of luxury hotels, it was claimed.
At the time the gagging order was granted, Giggs' agent described the revelations as a shock, saying: ‘This is incredible. I can’t believe it. He is such a family man.


Chilling said...

Imogen Thomas is a bitch. A Valley girl from the back of a Welsh village. Extremely fame hungry. How many more footballers and celebs will she sleep with and spill the beans?

Mrs. Giggs is going nowhere. Did you see her on Sunday on the pitch with her kids?

He won't be the first and he won't be the last.

He will learn from this and move on. BTW, he will play on Saturday and the whole club will support him.

Anonymous said...

every where r case of married men cheatin,what is it?if u cant b faithful den dont marry,feel sorry 4 ladies gettin married dese day,cos no man is faithful,girl shd better bcome lesbian,its far better dan being with a cheatin man with STD like HIV in town and numerous love children

Anonymous said...

Ryan Gigg, the famous Giggsy, alas, you've joined the ever increasing caravan with the likes of Schwazzenegger, Tiger Woods, Strauss-Khan, etc. This is a dangerous path to tread. God have mercy. Another home is about to be wrecked; another set of kids are about to face the realities of a broken home. Another hero is about to pale into insignificance. God help his wife and kids. Why do successful men often cheat on their wives? Why?

Anonymous said...

Why do men love to cheat? Especially the succesful ones.

Anonymous said...

wetin consign us inside onyibo man matter ehn aunty linda? u too dey put up anyhow stories, wash yourself oh!

Anonymous said...

Ryan you fall my hand big time!!
With all that money, i would stick with one woman.
I would even stick to soap in the absence of that one woman.
see the trash he fell for.

Femiluv said...

Thank you Chilling, couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:54 you are not serious...i reject it..if you are a lesbian good 4 u but donot come and advertise your trade here...hiss

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