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Friday 4 December 2015

Official campaign image for Music Meets Runway 2015 celebrates Nigerian models

The official campaign image for this year’s Music Meets Runway event has been released – and it features Nigeria’s top models. This year, the campaign image has been chosen to focus on the modelling industry in Nigeria – a fast-growing industry that has created amazing job opportunities for young people in the country. 

The image features from top left to right: Uju Marshall, Adedamola Cruz Adebowale, Chinko Francis Nwodu, Kevwe Akpede, Ife Akinlemibola, Kelvin Godson, Chika Emmanuella, Nkemjika Okorafor (Face of MMR 2013), Makida Moda and Kwen Akomaye.

The 5th Edition of Music Meets Runway 2015 takes place at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria on 22 December. Organised by Le Reve Events, the annual MMR celebration, which has been running since 2011 fuses the best of fashion and music in Africa, bringing together some of Africa’s finest creative artists and showcasing their talents to a huge audience.

This year also sees the official launch of the MMR Foundation, a charitable foundation which aims to support and empower emerging talent across the arts through the provision of grants for young entrepreneurs and models, and opportunities for them to break into the international market. 

Jennifer Olize, founder and creative director of MMR, said: “This year, the MMR foundation wants to do a spotlight on the modelling industry in Nigeria because this is a fast growing segment. In previous years we have focused on fashion and music, but in Nigeria we often fail to recognize that the modelling industry offers a real career path that can create more jobs for our young people. The modelling industry should be taken very seriously and supported – hence our campaign image for this year. The image is a picture of some of the outstanding and very talented Nigerian models who have been part of the Music Meets Runway success.” 

Tickets for the 2015 Music Meets Runway event also go on sale online now. You can get tickets for 10% OFF online exclusively at:
For further information on Music Meets Runway please log on to our website:

Photo Credits
Creative Direction: MMR Team
Photography: Tope Horpload
Styling: J Reason
Makeup: House Of Tara
Hair Styling: Zubby Definition
Womenswear: April By Kunbi
Menswear: Mai Atafo Inspired
Jewellery & Accessories: Le Reve Pieces


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