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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Most Powerful People on Earth 2010

There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. These are the 68 who matter.

1. Hu Jintao - President - China
2. Barack Obama - President - US

3. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud - King - Saudi Arabia
4. Vladimir Putin
5. Pope Benedict XVI - Pope - Vatican City
6. Angela Merkel - Chancellor - Germany
7. David Cameron - Prime Minister - UK
8. Ben Bernanke - US

9. Sonia Gandhi - India
10. Bill Gates - Chairman - Microsoft

The president of China is more powerful than the president of the United States?

The full list here


Anonymous said...

Osama no they there!!!!
Suck up goodluck too no dey there

SOLA said...

11. Adesola Adegun
**roger that**

John said...

erm Linda, Sonia Gandhi is NOT the president of India but Pratibha Patil is the President

The reason China's president is more powerful than USA's, is because of China's tremendous economic growth. It has been predicted that China and India shall take over the world economy in a couple of decades.

The fact that the list fails to recognize the president of India, makes me have doubts

Haven't you noticed that there is an increase and significant presence of Chinese investment in Africa?

But I doubt China's leader is more powerful than America's; maybe in a couple of years time it might be possible but not today

Rare Poster said...

China is the single largest holder of U.S treasury bills, through which the U.S funded its bailouts and accummulated trillions of dollars in debt. Guess what will happen if China decides to call on its investments?

China can call the shots right now...and they are beginning to realise the fact more and more and are acting quite the recent row with Washington and refusing to revalue its currency upwards.

Almost every other person is dependent on the U.S through the dollar. Remember foreign reserves and foreign trades denominated in dollars...if something happens and the dollar crashes ...

So technically as regards worldly affairs and worldly economy, and with China's growing direct investment and impact in other countries, the Chinese president must be the most powerful.

They probably know it and are hatching a game plan.

Anonymous said...

..Bu..bu..but...Chinese goods no de last..!!

Surprise said...

No matter what happens, American president remains the most powerful person on earth. When American president 'sneezes', the whole earth is affected. The allies of America are more than those of China (if they have any). Unless the 'equation' is changed American President remains the most powerful person on earth.

@anon 5.34 p.m. Chinese goods no dey last because our Nigerian bros asked them to make goods of inferior quality for them to ship to Nigeria so that they can make super profit. The goods they produce for European and American markets are of standard quality and they compete well with the products of those continents.

Rare Poster said...

@Surprise. "Allies" is a function of the amount of power you are perceived to have/will keep holding.

Surely the U.S still has the deadliest millitary while China has the single largest millitary. In the long run what would be millitary might with no economic power? How many people you fit conquer at once?

The U.S economy being based on consumption as against the chinese's on production, portends great danger in the long run...If world economy continues to swing the way it has lately and countries one day abandon ship of a collapsing dollar (which keeps weakening over the years mind you), who do you think the world would ally with?

However if the dollar comes to ruins, the damage will be so colossal that the whole world will immediately need to come up with an alternate arrangement or currency to ameliorate the wahala...

Perfect chance for one man to come up with the economic solutions, probably add some fake peace in the middle east as he introduces the reasonable solution a ONE WORLD CURRENCY system??

These things seemed so "far-fetched" before but as days go by they logically come together.

Hope you would have flown away with "us". *wink*

NB - This recent ranking was done by a most reputed U.S brand "Forbes".

christiantony said...

The President of The USA is always the most powerful person on earth.

Anonymous said...

American government owes all to the chinese dtnasty and government. you need to understant how wealth of nations work now, thats why india and china are top on the list. America is on top now because the brentwood confrence strategically placed it there and hence the world bank leadership. THe world is clamouring for gold standards and no more dollars if that happens America will fall having nothing to offer the world.

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