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Friday, 5 November 2010

Beyonce is a comic-book hero...

Beyonce got her own comic book titled - Fame: Beyonce. Great stuff! But that pic looks more like a white woman than Beyonce...Shakira maybe? The illustrator has yawered I'm telling you...:-)

She's already a chart-topper. She's married to rap royalty. She's an actress. Now Beyonce will add one more feat to her already impressive resume: She's set to become a comic-book hero.

Bluewater Comics this January will send its latest biography comic, Fame: Beyonce, to comic-book shops across the country. Readers will also be able to order the comic directly from online retailers such as and Barnes and

The comic, written by CW Cooke and featuring pencils by Alex Lopez, will trace Beyonce's rise through the music business, from her early days with Destiny's Child to her booming solo career.

The 32-page comic will retail for $3.99. To make sure you get your copy, contact your local comic book store to pre-order it.

According to writer CW Cooke, for a person seemingly always in the public eye, Beyonce has led a relatively private life. Even the most avid Beyonce fan, then, will learn something new when reading Fame: Beyonce, Cooke said.

Working on Beyonce was quite an experience, Cooke said. Everybody knows who she is. And yet, there are so many little things and tidbits of knowledge that seem to be passed up when people talk about her in the media.

Getting to dive into her story and piece together her life was exciting, Cooke added. She's accomplished so much in so little time. She's had so many ups and so few owns. Telling her story wasn't so much of a roller coaster, but more of an exciting elevator ride.


Omare said...

At least you saw it too, she looks white

Tunmama said...

lmao! dis is actually funny to me! lets see what how they will portray kelly n i love me some beyonce!

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franni said...

call me paranoid but all i can see ryt now is Illuminati n masonry. wat's wt d lightening scar unda dat left eye?

frannie said...

while am still in my 'post a comment' mood. lindy cld u be super and delete one or two ''friends'' on fb??? u reached ur limit and i wanna join. ;-) yeah im a selfish b**ch.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

at least they've made Beyonce happy. she has bleached herself to whiteness so all the illustrator did was to make her feel better about herself and drew her white.
don't blame the illustrator, blame BeYAWNce

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

agree with skank...bee wud be happy that her comic character is white.

Tunmama said...

Ahn ahn! Naija film and skank, d babe's mom is light now..I don't think she's tryna be white in anyway jo.

angel said...

haba,beyonce has always bn like dat since in destiny child,its her real complexion

doll (retired blogger) said...

see beef kai

Anonymous said...

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