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Monday, 1 November 2010

Beyonce I Am...World Tour Trailer

Beyonce will premiere her new concert DVD on Thanksgiving day with a 90 minute special. The I Am...Yours DVD will be available November 26. The press release says the entire DVD was produced, directed and edited by Beyonce for her own Parkwood Pictures.


silk said...

omalicha nwam! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Beyonce dont go and start thinking of how you will have children like your fellow celebs. be touring and over touring the world ooo.

Anonymous said...

Is it ur bizness??? She's doing what she loves! Children has never been a priority!! Go tell Janet Jackson, pink, Shakira,Nicole of pcd, they are ol older than her! Tell Kelly Rowland and Michelle williams too! Therethe same age with her and they ain't married set! Plz Linda if there's anywhere it can be purchased plz tell us so her fans can grab copies of it

Anonymous said...

msheeeeew busy body! wetin concern u whether she born pickin or she no born? You, how many you don born? Abeg go sleep for gutter with your bush mentality....Na people like una dey make women with fertility problems fall into depression. Geraway you jo!

Anonymous said...

yes ooo fellow anons it is my business o. and for anon 8:59. take it is easy. no need to b cursing ur self out like dat.chai

Anonymous said...

Whats the crying for, whats the hero worship for? someone who gyrates in a highly sexually suggestive manner on stage. This is the role model for girls all over the world. We are in trouble. Agreed she can croon. But please already. I have also notcied how ppl who are her fans are curiously very bitter when anything negative is said about her. I used to be a serious fan, until I started noticing I was unusually defensive when it came to her. Shd I say, obsessed(no pun intended) and Im a woman. I checked up on it(none again lol) and decided that something funny is going on here. Did my research and found out that nothing is what it seems. I thank God for deliverance.

Anonymous said...

When i see Bey or these artists makes me miss Michael so much. Mehn, he never failed to define what a true entertainer is. I miss u, Michael.

Can't wait for Sade's tour.

abishag coker said...

divalicious diva.let our omotola and genevive learn a lesson or too from this hardworking down to earth diva

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