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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Moments with Mo: Winning with Mo - showing Aug 3rd on MNET

Frank Edoho & Gbenga Adeyinka Discuss winning with Mo.

WIN! WIN! WIN!!! ( 3rd, 4th & 7th Aug 2010)
Everyone wants to be a winner. But what does it take to win? Skill? Confidence? Luck? Talent? What is the missing ingredient that differentiates the winners from the rest of the lot? Are you a winner? 
Mo features winners of some of Africa’s biggest game shows, and gets firsthand information on the secrets of locking the perfect winning combination, and finishing first.
Yemi Blaq with Mo (Win Win Win).

Do you think you could come out tops if you played your favourite TV game show? Learn the moves, the tricks and all the inside scoop that can make you a winner, any time, any day. 
Frank Edoho, popular game show host of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, shares tit-bits on what it really takes to be a millionaire. And then, we raise the stakes a little higher, as we talk about the art and science of gambling.

You have what it takes to win. Tune in to Moments with Mo, and learn how!

The show will be aired every Tuesday on MNET West at 9: 30pm, with repeat broadcasts on the same Channel on Wednesday by 2pm and Saturday by 2:30pm.

Winning with Mo will air on Tuesday 3rd of August, 2010.
Make sure you tune in


Kevin Obosi said...

Loving the set and the skyline in the background,this is long overdue, she's raising the bar on talk show in NIGERIA..More of that Mo!!!

PS: Can we see the show in the UK, at least some repeat version?

Anonymous said...

it looks very nice! too bad i cant watch it here

chinwe said...

gbenga adeyinka needs to get fit ah ah. just be like akpa akpu

Myne said...

Her set looks great with the outlook on the Lagos Skyline. All those cardbox studios should be a thing of the past.

Unknown said...

She's one person we have to look out for..

Unknown said...

She's one person to look out for..

skankmypeaceofmind said...

Mo is simply the best. love her to bits

Anonymous said...

i love her show but needs to loosen up(she is too stiff)

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