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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nigeria's Female Team qualify for FIFA U-20 World Cup Final!

They've done it!!! Nigeria's female National Team, the Falconets, today 29th July 2010 in Germany qualified for the final of FIFA U-20 women's World Cup by beating Colombia 1-0.
Congrats Nigeria!!!


skankmypeaceofmind said...

isn't it amazing that the least people given attention are the ones soaring high. like I've written before...those log of woods they call players need to be thrown away from the super eagles because they are restricting our football progress.

O said...

Congrats! We are proud of you Falconets!

Nice Anon said...

eyaaa. If the boys did half as well... we all woulda been happy. Well done girls!

Toyosi said...

hahaha... I'm so happy for them, happy for us as Nigerians. He who began this good work in them will be faithful to complete it. Amen somebody??

Anonymous said...

Girl rule, boys drool!!!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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