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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Celebs Rock Sax Appeal 2

Lou and Dakore

Those who made it to the much talked about Sax Appeal last weekend are yet to get over the overdose of music Mike Aremu and his friends fed them.

Aremu, Yolanda Brown, Kunle Ayo, Judith Sephuma, Tosin Martins and Bez took turns to thrill the audience; dipping into a long repertoire of hits, and displaying such prowess that made many marvel.

More pictures

Bez Idakula

Yemi Sax

Held at the MUSON centre in Onikan, Lagos, Sax Appeal attracted the top players from different industries- politics, business, media, banking, law and entertainment. Guests spotted include Onari and Donald Duke, Dakore Egbuson and Olumide Akande, Ayeni Adekunle, Funmi Victor-Okigbo, Dekunle Fuji, Sammie Okposo, Chichi Nwoko, Baba Dee and the Ibru sisters...

From Call-and-response to Pantomime, Dance and Acapella, Aremu and his friends worked the audience, playing with various musical concept - even nearing the realms of theatre. And as expected, Yolanda Brown, Mike Aremu and Judith Sephuma went all the way with their saxophones - blowing non-stop; messing around with the instrument to the delight of the fans. Mike Aremu even executed a sax call-and-response session with Tosin Martins, ending the set with an elongated play that earned him unrestrained applause.

This is the second edition of Sax Appeal.

Patrick Doyle

Donald Duke
Yolanda Brown

Tosin Martins

Funmi Okigbo
Kunle Ayo

Judith Sephuma and Mike Aremu


chinwe said...

i'm sure it was a great event. pure talent on display! more of this!!!

Anonymous said...

why is dakore looking so fat??? not hating o.... i'm just saying

Anonymous said...

How is Dakore looking fat? If you have body issues go and deal with them yourself instead of trying to bring this American neurosis to Naija.

We have enough problems of our own...All these people with self esteem issues Pshewwwwwww! dakore, looking fat. Nonsense!!!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

the battle of the "anonyidiots"

BTW Linda, why your open id no dey work again. no make me start to dey suspect oh.

Lolade said...

I was there and it was a truly fun evening...Dakore is even more beautiful in person OMG! Haters need to chill the f out...

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