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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Location Pictures of Holding Hope and Bursting Out

Nse, Omoni, Genny
Majid and Genny

More pictures

Nse and Genny

Desmond and Nadia

Office scene

Uche and Biola Wills

Cast and crew of Bursting out.


Anonymous said...

genevieve looks good with the bob hairstyle. nse is in great shape. Wow, i did not recognise nadia, she looks good.Looks like the movie wld be interesting to watch...

Anonymous said...

It's really a great selection of actors and actresses.
I think it is a must watch.

SOLA said...

Loving the cast already... with Nse in it of cos

Anonymous said...

this are the best actress of nollywood no one can top them

doll (retired blogger) said...

Genevieve is so pretty

helen said...

Genny nd Majid in d movie....its a must watch movie .....even if its not interesting dose two pple will make me watch it.... loving it already!!!

Myne said...

Lovely pictures, the movies will sure be good.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

nadia buari better stop this her bleaching. she the way she look like a fake oyinbo. not that she's even biracial. just trying so hard to be white. all willy-willy and stuff.

NB; i know all her ynash flies would be ready to eat me raw. eh...come and tell me how nature gave her fairness in the fake-st of ways.

Anonymous said...

what!!! Nadia is not biracial??? habba i thot her dad was white o, read on some bio online...miss skank so she isnt?

skankmypeaceofmind said...

nope....she's not. she even said it that the reason why she's light skinned is because of her mother who i promise you isn't even five shades close to NNEKA.

Anonymous said...

Skank, abeg o. Nadia's mother is caramel or a shade lighter in complextion, please o. But then again, you are entitled to your opinion. Nadia is not in any way related to me though, and I have seen the pictures of her mother and younger sister online. They are not dark-skinned by any chance; black is beautiful though. "The darker the berry the sweeter the juice," abi?

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