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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Breast Ironing in Cameroon

Breast Ironing is the flattening of a young girl's growing breasts with hot stones, coconut shells and other objects and is considered a way to curb the country's staggering number of teenage pregnancies, particularly high in rural areas, as well as limit the risk of sexual assault.

Though only limited medical research has been done on the practice, Cameroonian women say breast ironing can lead to numerous physical issues, such as burns and deformations, not to mention psychological problems. The procedure has been compared to the custom of female circumcision/genital mutilation.

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Anonymous said...

only in Africa! how do they think of all these in nonsense

Gorgeous Spice said...

OMG. this world is crazy

Anonymous said...

so na today you dey know this one? it is even done in Uganda. just like the way women in Thailand wear neck rings to elongate their necks.

Anonymous said...

soooo...... babaric!!!!

Lindo said...

why don't they iron their men's cock too, to stop them from sowing around? lol

Anonymous said...

Linda you are very very late in your news postings, change your sources, start going directly to the BBC

DaChick! said...

Good Point, Lindo! I'm tired of hearing and seeing discrimination against women. This madness has to stop!

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