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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Actress Anita Joseph almost hangs on movie set

Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, came very close to being hanged on location of her latest movie ‘Titanic Hustle.’

In the movie, Anita Joseph played the role of a woman who mistakenly killed her husband and was so devastated by her role in her husband’s death that she decided to hang herself. Incidentally, it was during the act of shooting the hanging scene that disaster struck, as what was supposed to be a make-belief hanging scene turned real and Anita Joseph almost got herself killed.

While trying to get her neck into the noose and keeping her feet on the raised platform, the noose tightened around her neck and she simultaneously lost her footing.

“I don’t know what happened. I think they forgot to pull the rope or something and I almost died. Though it was a mistake, when I came down, my eyes were turning and I almost quit,” she said.



chinwe said...

wow! that would have been really tragic. thank God o

Anonymous said...

she should go and sit her ass down. how many times are american actors injured on set? it was a mistake so wetin she mean by she almost quit?

Joohls said...

Chineke! Anonymous6.07pm na wa 4 u o! so if american actors are dying on set, nobody should be worried for their lives? i laff at pple like you who think whatever happens in america is the standard. if i almost died while shooting a movie then of course i will consider quitting that movie and move on to another! it's just human nature! i think actors should move towards health and safety guidelines in movie production. if she had died, aunty anonymous wont be hear saying this nonsense

Anonymous said...

Anita should thank God o, otherwise the married actresses that used to accuse her of dating their husbands would have had a special party.

Glory be to God in the highest. Anita has a fantastic shape that most men cannot resist. Facially, she is just OK and not A1 beautiful.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

"almost hangs" and not "hangs". so she should shut up and be grateful she still has a job. every job has its risks. hasn't she heard of astronauts, pilots, and stunt men/women. abegi. by the way who is the idiotic director who can't hire a stunt man or woman?

preye said...

which kain america? abeg oh if i see death i will run. at least in america, the actors have insurance. naija ain't gat nada. anita na God help u oh. it was a silly mistake.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Anonymous 8.01pm! gistmaster na hin u be!

But the girl has a great body, I wish I had those stats!

Iemberdoo said...

Some comments just make in shudder in disbelief! What's wrong with her considering quitting if she almost loses her life?? Besides, how do u know that American don't consider quitting when there is a mishap??

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