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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Introducing - Ziriums

 His name is Nazir Ahmed Hausawa, a.k.a Ziriums. He's the first son of eleven children, Hausa-Fulani by tribe. He was born in the conservative state of Kano in northern Nigeria and was inspired by his Dad, an Islamic gospel artist, to enter the world of hip-hop and was later influenced by western rap artists such as Eminem.

Nazir raps in Hausa and Fulfulde and wants to set an example to youth today so that they can wake up and preach against violence and enlighten society.

Nazir’s debut album is set to drop in 2010. He is currently managed by intersection Entertainment [I.E] in Abuja.


Jen Juma said...

Linda what is Islamic Gospel music? Tautology.

Anyway, I'm so happy someone from the deep North (apart from Jos guys: MI and co.) is mainstream Nigerian rap now.

Proud of my peoples!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"islamic gospel" should be an oxymoron. gospel is used for Christianity i believe

Anonymous said...

GOSPEL means GOOD NEWS. so its not meant for Christians alone.

Unknown said...

Congrats to him..
Happy re-awakening..

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