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Friday 25 March 2016

Don't miss out on Concept Nova's 'Double Protection' promo

It’s another season of holidays and so much vehicular movement would be going on. From taking the kids to the movies, shopping malls and even going to church, there would always be a reason to have your car on the road or parked in public places, hence the need for adequate protection. Well here is great news for all car users!

You can now get Double Protection this season as Concept Nova is giving you the opportunity to protect your asset, valuables and loved ones for so much less through its Easter “Double Protection” Promo. For those who do not already own the C-Protect Glass Protective film, there is no better time to get yours than NOW! This is because you can get as much as 30 % OFF! the regular price from Tuesday, March 22 to March 31, 2016.

This promo comes in variety of bundles to suit the needs of every category. We have the Individual, Bulk and Organization bundle packages which contain our popular Vehicle Tracking Device, Ti-Kon and the New C-Protect, depending on the quantity you need.

During the specified time, Individual buyers can get a single window film for as low as N2,800, while the bundle which comes with Ti-Kon has been cut down to N31,000. Our Franchise partners also get to benefit from this promo with a massive price cut (as low as N1, 980 per film) and free packaging on the purchase of 50 and above packages of C-Protect film. Interested in becoming a Franchise partner, reach out to us to begin enjoying unbeatable profit margin!Get your car double protected while you spend less this Easter!

To take advantage of this bundle or learn more about this promo, please log on to ,, send a mail or call our customer service representatives on +2347026333742, +2347046180256.


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I won't

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Issokay seen, thanks for the info. Linda take note!

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Anonymous said...

This is a fair price, though I saw something similar to this yesterday.
Linda please what is your say, would you advice me to go for this one?
I need your opinion
Click here to see the images I saw yesterday

chyyy said...

Nice information

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