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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Minister of Aviation refutes reports of a bomb scare on Arik flight

According to reports making the round, a man attempted to blow up an Arik Air plane that landed at the Abuja Airport from Maiduguri this afternoon. The report claimed that the man stood up inside the plane and told all the passengers to pray, that he was going to blow up the plane. 

Well the Minister of Aviation has debunked the claim and even issued a statement. See it below..
"Alleged Bomb on Arik Flight a Hoax- Ministry
The rumour making the rounds of a bomb scare on an Arik Airline flight from Maiduguri to Abuja is absolutely false. In fact, it is a hoax as there is no iota of truth whatsoever in this wicked rumour.
See the rest after the cut...

A passenger, Aminu Galadima, an indigene of Minna, Niger state boarded a Maiduguri - Abuja bound Arik Air aircraft with registration number 5N MJE after going through all mandatory security screening. Nothing incriminating, no explosives or weapons whatsoever were found on him.

However, mid air the passenger began to act strangely, loudly screaming ''God is Great". Fellow passengers, alarmed by this behaviour rushed to apprehend him. A thorough search by fellow passengers and crew members revealed nothing dangerous on him. The pilot immediately radioed Air Traffic Control and airport security operatives.

The plane landed safely at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at exactly 1253 hrs and the suspect handed over to the SSS at about 1445 hrs where he is currently being interrogated.

We wish to reassure the flying public of the continued focus of the Federal Ministry of Aviation on the safety and security of the nation's airspace, while cautioning fellow Nigerians on the spreading of dangerous rumours. These rumours do not help to make our airspace either safer or more secure.

Joe Obi
SA (Media) to Aviation Minister."


Warri Girl said...

Hahahahah, the passengers were sharp to apprehend the guy quickly. Me I feel someone is out to tanish Airk's image.

Anonymous said...

na small small dem dey start , dis pple jus no wan rest . everyday bomb scare

Anonymous said...

If this is misinformation, then clear out of this blog! Abi na by force to read her posts? Mcheewww

Anonymous said...

It will get to a stage in this country and the world at large that the mere mention of being a muslim will make people run very far from such person, if this thing continues. Personally I feel very uncomfortable around any mallam or muslim......

Anonymous said...

Haaaa, U just don't use such language on someone, fine she might av raised such false alarm but dat doesn't give u d right to trash her dis way. We just thank God nothing worst than dis happened.

Anonymous said...

u r a big fool

Anonymous said...

Naija, see as d grab the guy sharply

Anonymous said...

haters......go f*** urself

Anonymous said...

U are stupid for calling her a bitch,u are a big fool,idiot!

Anonymous said...

That must have been really terrifying for those onboard that flight. What ever happened we thank God all is well.


Anonymous said...

Well, let's pray its actually a false alarm

Anonymous said...

Bia wafi geh, na wetin you dey yarn; tarnish Arik image ikwa! U no even tink of possibility of ur nodan brodas misbehaving and d experience dat will traumatize people. Wish u dey there, I sure say u for piss for bodi, so no begin tak about image, think of safety. Abi you forget Abdulmutalab dat passed thru more sophisticated checks? Abegi, no tak like dat, I be dey like u b4

BLOGLORD said...

what is the meaning of this rubbish rumour now? mschewww!

Anonymous said...

please its a bloody rumour. i have inside source

Anonymous said...

I'm actually with the cabin crew member on board nd dat guy was ready to kill it was just Gods mercy in action

Anonymous said...

An article on Nigerian Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging:

Linda Ikeji's blog listed as a Legit blog. linda Ikeji herself considered a legit blogger

Anonymous said...

I think this woman should be fired... She is just a puppet. She doesn't know her job at. The passagers gave a very different account. Was she inside that flight to give account. Anyway, that's GEJ administration for you. Square pegs in round holes.

Drug Addict! said...

@ warrigirl thank u o!
U read my mind.
DANA air shud continue employing
miserable tactics to discredit and
ruin Ariks rep.
The idiots (Dana) are so desperate
to come back that they'll do
anything to get back on the mkt
even if it means sabotaging Arik.
This whole charade reeks of evil
sabotage. First they bribed their
way to reinstate their license,
next they paid money to be awarded
best Airline, now they've sent it a
a muslim to pretend like he wants
to bomb the plane.
Well done o Dana! E se gan!
As for me and my family
never in this lifetime will I fly
Dana Air ever again.

Anonymous said...

Pls alarming ourselves will not help. Most of us completely forget that the world is watching us. Must we always be alarmed by everything we hear. Its good to be security conscious but some of us are taking it to the level of paranoia.

amor said...

Hahahaha Anon 6.17,u wicked oo,dnt mind her talkin trash,

Anonymous said...

you are a FOOL drug think its your village were they tarnish pples image,Dana air deserves the award the got.BLOODY FOOL

Anonymous said...

lol are you kidding. Dana does not need scare tactics to sell tickets. I fly ABV to LOS and viceversa frequently and Arik is capitalizing on the lack of competition to charge extortionate fees. My friend, I almost shat myself on paying 65k plus on a round trip this week. Over $400! for a one hour flight! Tell me anywhere in the world that they'll charge that! I paid less than that for a SFO - JFK flight for over six hours! I'll just pay some extra and I'll be in Paris!

Not saying that there weren't issues with the handling of that horrible crash but sadly at this rate, I'd consider them when they start flying. It took me months of paying Arik for horrible service and late flights to come to this point

Anonymous said...

Anon October 23, 2012 7:48 PM it's people like you that are the problem with Nigeria. In this age who uses the words fools and idiots? Only ass wipes like you. I say again Stella Oduah is a bitch. Suck on that.

Anonymous said...

Anon October 23, 2012 6:33 PM you are clearly dumb and didn't understand what i typed about misinformation.

tara said...

YOU are the one who is a BLOODY FOOL to say Dana deserve what nonsence.. Go put all ur family inside dana.

Anonymous said...

Linda you didnt get the true story, the guy has mental illness, so dia was turbulance and the guy started acting nd screaming strangly, and ofcoz ppl panickd. after the plane landed the was not found with anything but his family confessd for his illness. the family were negligent to allow him travel alone when they knw he is not fit for that.

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