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Monday 26 October 2009

Chidi Mokeme at Style Night 5.

I'm going to bring you pictures of our Style Night 5 fashion show in bits. There are over 700 pics people will probably go crazy staring at all of them at once...:-)

This is actor Chidi Mokeme at the show. He brought the Limo...he's gangster huh? lol
Check it out...


Myne said...

Haba Linda, only four at a time? Mbanu, more please.

iHeart Lagos said...

Wotz with Nollywood actors and hats, fedoras in particular? Still loving me some Chidi :)

Unknown said...

You started from the bottom now you here.....(Drake's voice )

Babious said...

Wow,Linda ikeji you are hardworking and determined.i'll give you that!*smiles*

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