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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Relationship Question!

Would you confront your partner's other man/woman if you had their contact?

My husband? I probably would. Boyfriend? Maybe not. What about you?

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Anonymous said...

why should u be contacting an "other" , when the person cheating on you is right there??, i really never get this whole thing....when women go after a husband's girlfriend and threaten her, look if its not her it will be someone else, take it up with ur cheating husband/boyfriend.

LurLar said...

I really dnt have anything to do with dem, i dnt want to get my self into any fugly mess. Amma make sure my husband knows dat am aware,den we can work things out, or we go our ways.

Anonymous said...

i confronted by husband's mistress a few times, it was not funny.Its no use, it only makes things worse.I had to walk out of my marraige.

Anonymous said...

you gotta ask yourself a question.. who are you in a relationship with... your partner? or the other person?

Anonymous said...

wot d eff? Do u mean ur man's "woman" friend or do u mean mistress?....wotta hell do i need to call her for?! get the raw details of their raunchy sex affair?!....woteva dat has to go down must be between me and my husband PERIOD!...whether i decide to stay or leave, there shall be no woooot?!....abi u no kno sey there r a whole lotta hoochies hawkn their goods around for sale, which dont have 2 b monitary.

If he cheated with my best friend, now dats another story....but yet, i still dont think its worth for her/them to see me shattered and debased!


Anonymous said...

sorry oh anominous! I would have said lol. why bother, ...wait...hmm WHEN was this ? loll anyway, I was going to contact mine but the odd thing is mu guy was actually making suggestions of me getting to know her, you wont understand without having the full scope but me I just wanted to let her know the guy was not truly feeling her like that. As in I knew ALLLL their business lol! Lets just say I had let him slip away so he used this chick to dangle in my face for emotional frustration. It all wasn't worth it and she was too fugly for my time.


Anonymous said...

Haba. one more thing what is with all these naija gossip wanna be newbies? na by force
there's bella, you have your niche, me I really dont want to know unless its the inner secrets and SKELENTINS of the society. Any more copy cats I will have to pull a CHO SEUNG HUI!!!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

By the way! this person dat u're feeling to contact might not even know the status of u guys' relationship. He might've even lied and cooked up some BS story about u being his sista or mama living with him due to financial strain or health dat u're a witch...hehe

But seriously....UR husband is whom u need to be dealing with and no one else!....dont go contactn a possibly innocent victim and further tooting the horn of ur asshole of a husband. And trust me, when a female say they wanna "contact" another female over her man....we all know that that whole contactn business wont be civil!

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

Boyfriend? I won't
Husband? I won't

I wouldn't like to set myself up to be insulted... I would rather approach the Mr. with whom I have a relationship... that's more my way!

Anonymous said...

most women would like to confront but dont have the courage.I have done it before, there was no fighting involved just wanted the other to know that the man had a woman at confrontation ended the affair.

Anonymous said...

I believe I only have business with my partner and not their lover

Unknown said...

Done that b4 in the earlier days of my marriage,my husband was digging a student he was suppose to assist with her long essay though b4 then,he told me somebody sent a student to him to assist and somehow they got familiar and the lady was bragging to him that she can get any man she want and that there is no man who doesnt have a price and he said he told her not him but somehow their head molu and he got carried away and forgot her picure and letter on his reading table in the house and to worsen the matter she knows everything that goes on in my house.I called her and she had the gut to them me that i better not stress myself as good thing is not for one person and i should thank my star that she likes me and that my husband told her iam good to him-imagine,i just curse her and dropped but i never discussed it with him and guess she too didnt tell him

Meadows j. said...

Its best to nip it in the bud however you can. my hubby had some female friends he knew before we met calling him anytime they like as in morning and nights, so one day i snapped and called everyone of them and told them to effing back off, i contacted one of the ladies hubby and told him to get his wife together. After that i came down on my hubby like thunder and since then none of these women ever called. God is the one that supports every marriage but you have to do your part and take no nonesense cos EVERYONE DESREVES TO BE RESPECTED.

Meadows j. said...
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Anonymous said...

Stella dimiki also has a blog?Who cares? The b***h aint my cup of tea.

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