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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Footballer's fabulous cars

Playing football professionally is probably the best job in the world. You get to do what you enjoy immensely and get shitloads of money for doing it. Footballers are probably the most celebrated people on this planet...ok...maybe next to actors and musician? Or are they? Most of them are stupendously rich and their lifestyle...well that's a topic for another day. When I think of how much these guys earn weekly, not monthly, but weekly, it's painful lol. I sometimes wish I was born a man, I mean I run around chasing a ball on a field for 90 minutes or so and I get $50, 000 a week as payment? For $50, 000 I'll run around the field for one month, I don't mind breaking a leg, hand, whatever...LOL. Much respect to footballers though, I know their job is not easy, constant training, injuries etc...still I say with $50, 000? That's 6, 000, 000 million in Naira for a week's job? * 4 weeks * 1 year? Pleeeease alot of people will run around that field for a whole year. LOL

Anyway, here are some fabulous cars that our footballers cruise around in.

Price: £49,980
Top speed: 150mph
Players that drive one: Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Smith, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney (all Man Utd), Sol Campbell (Portsmouth), Robbie Keane (Spurs), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Andy Johnson (Everton), Titus Bramble, Shay Given, Nicky Butt (all Newcastle), Paul Dickov (Man City), Stephane Henchoz (Blackburn), Chris Kirkland (Wigan), Gilberto Silva (Arsenal).

Range Rover Sport 4.4 V8 HSE
Price: £54,500

Top speed: 130mph

Players that drive one: John Terry, Michael Ballack, Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Michael Owen (Newcastle), Jamie Carragher (Liverpool), Mark Viduka and Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Middlesbrough)

Porsche 911 Turbo
Price: £97,840

Top speed: 192mph

Players that drive one: Thierry Henry (Arsenal), George Boateng (Middlesbrough), Lee Bowyer (West Ham), Luis Garcia and Steven Gerrard (Liverpool).

Bentley Continental GT
Price: £117,500

Top speed: 198mph

Players that drive one: Nicolas Anelka (Bolton) Craig Bellamy (Liverpool), Ashley Cole and John Terry (Chelsea), Kieron Dyer (Newcastle), Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville (Man Utd).

Aston Martin DB9
Price: £110,000

Top speed: 186mph

Players that drive one: Steven Gerrard, Peter Crouch, Sissoko (all Liverpool), Jermain Defoe (Spurs), Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd).

Ferrari 360
Price: Up to £100,000
Speed: 186mph
Players that drive one: Robbie Savage (Blackburn), Craig Bellamy (Liverpool), Ivan Campo (Bolton), Joe Cole and Claude Makelele (Chelsea).

Audi Q7
Price: £37,000 - £50,000

Top speed: 160mph

Players that drive one: Michael Ballack and Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea), Micah Richards (Man City), Titus Bramble (Newcastle), Marlon Harewood (West Ham).

Mercedes SL 65
Prize: £145,970

Top speed: 155mph

Players that drive one: Nobby Solano and Shola Ameobi (both Newcastle), Didier Drogba and Claude Makelele (Chelsea), Harry Kewell and Jermaine Pennant (Liverpool).

Mercedes ML 63 AMG
Price: £73,965

Top speed: 155mph

Players that drive one: El-Hadji Diouf (Bolton) Damien Duff, Shola Ameobi and Stephen Carr (Newcastle), Jermain Defoe and Jermaine Jenas (Spurs), William Gallas (Arsenal).

Price: £81,760

Top speed: 155mph

Players that drive one: Wayne Rooney and John O'Shea (both Man Utd), David Bentley (Blackburn), Michael Dawson (Spurs), Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben (Chelsea) and Damien Francis (Watford)

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Mad S. said...

Hi Linda, Thx for telling about my little so far unknown blog :) And I am born a man but one of these lazy bones /just ask your sis:)so at the most you see me running around a bar some hours for a beer per week. All the best to you

Toni Payne said...

How come cars are sooo expensive in europe. Before I settled on my car I almost bought the Range Sport and lord knows it was not that expensive. I know the european specs are not as nice as the American specs so what exactly are they selling for 54,500? dats like over 100k dollars. hmmnn

Unknown said...

Nice rides.I claim all of them in Jesus name Amen!

Anonymous said...

the cars r "okay" compared to what most sportsmen drive here in the US....and about footballers (which i take to mean soccer) being the most celebrated pple in the planet?...maybe in everyother continent but S.America......Soccer(football) is sooo dim and just a mere shadow compared to other sport here!....even useless hockey is more celebrated...imagine. Only immigrants truly cherish and support the game.
Now if u wanna talk about dynamite sports here....say Basketbal, baseballl and American Football (not the same as soccer).


Mad S. said...


Americans can cherish their sports as much they want but still Football (Soccer) is and will always be the beautiful game and most loved. Come to Baseball even cricket is bigger in nations playing the game and fights for the world cup.. And Basketball Europeans have already passed Americans in dominating the game as we did long time ago with Ice hockey. And I am quite sure Cuba would win over USA in Baseball too hehe


Anonymous said...

mmmm,these people are making money o! It is easy to play football but it's not to be skilled and professional. These footballers earn much money cos they are talented and hardworking.I am glad that there 2 Nigerians amongst these players. Shola Ameobi:1 Merc ML63 AMG and SL 65.Weldone,it's not easy.Good job. Craig Bellamy owns a Bentley and and a Ferrari? Good for him but i dont like him anymore. I stopped liking him when he left Blackburn for Liverpool cos of money. I dont really blame him,he has good talent and was offered more money,so why not?I still dont like him anymore tho. David Bentley my cutie,driving a BMW M6,i like that. Crouch driving a Ferrari,lol,now that's a sight to behold. I wonder how he looks in the Ferrari. Beauty(the Ferrari) and the beast(crouch),Tall(he's 6 5' or so) and small(the car),Lol.Would love to see him bend to get into his car. Talented player as well.Very good header.Now Robbie Savage,driving a Ferrari,mmm beautiful sight to behold.Looking all sexy,love his hair now that it's shorter.

Anonymous said...

my dream was always to be a footballer or marry one. none of those dreams came true LOL

Anonymous said...

@stupar.what ur soccer players earn is nothing compared to what b.ballers,gulfers,base ballers earn in america.believe dat$

Mad S. said...

@ Anonymous, Well as we all know (or should know) money is not everything here in life. And my belive is that the money entertainers, sportsmen get in the states just proves it's very important to that nation make their people focus on entertainment more than all wrongs they do in the world. However Football (soccer) is still the bigges game/sport in the world and that they don't earn what a Baseball player earns in the states just puts the "Beautiful game" even futher above all the "American" sports all together.
Cheers Stevo
P.S. Henrik Larsson is the greatest ever.

Anonymous said...

You think this guys have cars? You should see what their wives and girlfriends drive.Anon pls shut up.Footballers are the greatest players in da world

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Healthy Families said...

This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

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