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Monday, 7 May 2007

Eucharia Anunobi + Idol Wa Jodie quote

"I cry when I get lonely. I cried that I did something wrong. I cried that after six years of marriage, it's broken up. I cried because I have nobody to cook for anymore. I cry that I have to carry my son all alone. I cry because God said marriages should not break, but mine is broken"
Star actress Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu tells Nigerian weekly Magazine, Encomium, on her failed marriage to Charles Ekwu, who disappeared from their matrimonial home without any notice to her. He was later spotted in Europe by people.

"Idol West Africa was a game and it can be one of chance. It does not mean that the other five were better than me or worked harder or made more friends. It could have been that those that were supposed to vote for me couldn't because they didn't have credit. I feel there's a reason for everything and I know God has a plan for me. It's not usually who comes first that makes it in life. I'm happy because I know I performed well. It's not that I got evicted because I didn't perform, I got evicted because I had less votes"

About Eucharia, I was going to say I would not cry over a man who walked out of our marriage without a second thought to me or the child we have together, but then I realised no matter how little a man treats you, if you sincerely love him, you will shed an ocean of tears for him, even when you know deep in your heart that he doesn't deserve your tears. Emotions is probably God's indirect punishment to us. When your emotions have been hurt, it will totally mess your whole being up. I know someone who was deeply hurt by her boyfriend of 3 years and now she only sleeps with men for money and dates women...she's totally damaged.

But seriously why did God create Emotions? To make us feel pain? To differentiate us from animals maybe? Emotions is great when it's positive...but when it's been toyed with? Let's move on...

About Jodie, "People who were supposed to vote for me couldn't because they didn't have credit". LOL to that statement. I really thought she was the strongest contender in Idol WA next to Timi. If only people who were supposed to vote for her had credit. Anyway, she's got talent. The sky can only be her limit.


Anonymous said...

I really feel so sorry about Eucharia. Na only bad news we dey hear of nollywood marriages lately. All of a sudden, it seems as though na hollywood we dey hear about. Dis institution should be celebrated in our country but lately it seems as though things r turning to d worst. Even single people like me r almost scared of settling down cos of d stories one's hearing. So long as u're performing your duties as a good wife/husband, u deserve to be happy and secured in your marriage.

Anonymous said...

Better luck next time Jodie. You RAWKED girl. Dont mind all those poor people who didnt have money to buy credit and vote for ya!

Anonymous said...

Been reading ur posts from d modeling pix post n i really admire yr transformation. U re indeed a role modelllll.

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