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Monday, 7 May 2007

Leave your comments here!

I don't know what I did yesterday while uploading entertainment and world news...there doesn't seem to be any place to leave comments on those posts. So if there's something you want to say, leave your comments here. Better still, someone can just tell me what to do to rectify the problem.

By the way, I just discovered how to use colours. Never knew it existed. Bush girl right? I discover new things everyday. If there's something else you know that you think I don't know i.e I've never used on my blog before, please feel free to pass your knowledge.

Meanwhile story plenty for una o. Things are happening in the entertainment industry in Naija. I'll give you all the gists later, for now I want to attend to money business matters.

let's meet later today for more gossip and gists.

See y'all later


Tyra!!! said...

I think the lawyers are bn too hard on Paris.They just want to clip her wings,45 days in jail?e no bad reach like that now.

As for Britney,she should go and rest for now and come back later.

Why is Usher complaining? So it's ok for him to date his mother's age mate but it's not ok for his mum to date his age mate abi? He's a mad boy!

Lindsay Lohan: I am so disappointed in her,she has lost focus in her life and her mum hasnt helped matters either.

Akon palaver. Abeg, why are people blaming Akon for dancing wt the 'little slut'? I heard they cancelled his tour and that of Gwen's for that gig he did wt the 'little slut', na wa for oyibo people and their laws o!

Eddy Murphy case...no comment.

JayZ Please accept ur responsibilty. Beyonce would understand. It's not the child's fault that JayZ didn't use protection. He shd have bn more careful knowing girls would do anything to get money from him.

Mommy said...

Hmmmmmm....Smart gal!! Me waiting for the juicy Naija Entertainment gists o!! You really know how to 'put person for work'.

Anonymous said...

Paris even deserves more than dat sentence, in my own opinion. It's about time she's taught a lesson. I'm even mad at d media for always focusing on her, Lindsay Lohan and her likes. I'm sure these girls have parents, what r they doing, sitting and enjoying their daughters making a fool of themselves.
As for Jay Z, na today e dey become babyfather? Didn't he have a baby with Free(d former rapper) a few years ago as well? Dis isn't new in yankee now. I'm sure when him and miss B decide to tie d knot, she won't hesitate to be there to babysit d kids.

Unknown said...

First of all, you discovered slashing as you called it, now you have discovered colours. Havent you discovered how to add links yet? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

lol i'm the biggest fan of 'blog colour'

Unknown said...

Wow!I have new respect for the California court system.Way to go Judge, you did the right thing.The endless party that is Paris Hilton's lifestyle was gatecrashed at long last, increase the term,pls, judge! She ain't above da law! how could u ve violated ur probation in a reckless driving case baby? Judge Michael T. Sauer should ve increased d sentence!Yippiee!!! have a nice summer holidays behind d bars barbie doll..mmmhhh!She must do the time!

Unknown said...

how can Akon be blamed for this, the underage girl was in an over 18 club, I really don't think Akon should be blame for this girl being all over him...Plus the club should be blame for this, it was a 18 & over event therefore you could go wild, yet security didn't notice her fake I.D!!!!!She's 15? Dressing like that? Seriously? You know from the way she's "dancing" it looks like she's already had some ...experience anyway.Nothing like a 14 year old with a "tramp stamp".
She's a classy lil slu... girl.and For those of you who don't live in the Caribbean, I was told that NO WOMAN will go on a stage without expected to be treated like that. 99% of the shows you go to, the artiste will call someone up on stage and get wild with them. As a girl who was born in and who grew up in T&T, she must have known what she was getting into. I don't believe her story for one bit. I'm not saying that that kind of behaviour is right. I don't think it is, and I think it's disrepectful to women. I think broda akon needs to think twice d next b4 rumping/getting jiggy with some fake assed looking lil slut!

anita said...

if there's something else you know that you think I don't know,,

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