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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Entertainment News

Paris Hilton will be off to jail on June 5th 2007, to serve 45 days, for violating her parole. She was cught driving with a suspended licence. Her lawyers want to go appeal to avoid jail time for the hairess but something tells me the prosecuting team are extremely determined to see her serve jail time. If Paris does not show up on June 5th at her jail house, she will be sentenced to another 90 days in jail. She was said to have started crying after the judge gave the sentence on Friday May 4th. Does she deserve to go to jail?

Britney Spears tried to make a return to the stage last week at the House of Blues. Her reviews were poor though. I think she needs to straighten herself out before trying to make a come back.

Usher's mum Jonetta Patton can't stand Usher's fiancee Tameka Foster. Right now, mother and son are said not to be on speaking terms. But now Usher's 40 something year old mama is engaged to a 32 year old former boxer from Houston named Eric Carr. This has further made things worse between them as Usher is not happy with the fact that his future stepfather is almost at old as he is. Maybe his mum is trying to get back at him for wanting to marry a woman almost as old as she is.

Melanie Brown AKA Scary Spice is telling friends she wants to surprise Eddie Murphy at the Shrek 3 premiere on May 18th in Hollywood. Scary Spice is down to publicly confront Eddie about being the father of her child, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. The crazy man has still not recognised the little girl as his. I hope she does it!

Akon's concert has been cancelled by it's sponsors, Verizon, after a video showed him aggressively dancing with that 14 year old her at a concert in Trinidad. The media are now calling it a "simulated rape". Also because Akon opens for Gwen Stefani's Verizon sponsored tour, they dumped sponsorship of her tour as well.

The media is reporting that this cute little boy in the picture above is Jay z's son with a Trinidad and Tobago woman Shanelle Scott. This boy looks under five. Beyonce and Jay z have been together for five years. What's that? Meanwhile Jay Z has yet to accept the boy is his.

I love this picture of Ms Angelina Jolie-Pitt staring adoringly at her life-partner and baby daddy, Brad Pitt, as they share a romantical dinner on their first night in Prague. The whole family is in town to support Angelina as she shoots her new film, Wanted.

Time recently released their list of '100 most influential people in the world'. Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, Tina fey, Osama Bin Laden, America Ferrera, Shonda Rhimes, Barack Obama, Condelisa Rice and 92 others were on the list. But guess what? The American president, George W Bush was shuned by Time. Americans are as mad as hell and have threatened to boycott the magazine.

50 Cent's little son Marquise aka 25 cent has just been signed to G-Unit and will have an album out around Christmas supposedly. His first single will be called "I Wanna Get With You" and will hit airwaves in October.

On Friday May 4th, false reports said that Jay-Z was involved in a horrible plane crash on his way to the De La Hoya fight in Vegas. A plane did go down but Jay Z was not on it. Thank God.

Lindsay Lohan, fresh from rehab, has been pictured taking part in a marathon cocaine. She was said to have snorted 20 lines of cocaine in one night alone. She was caught on tape as she snorted the Class A drug at the exclusive Teddy's nightclub in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. Poor girl.

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