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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

10 reasons we need to pray

1. Prayer is a way we gain confidence knowing God is nearand that He listens and answers according to His will

2. Prayer helps open our eyes to eternal, primary realities and helps us focus on godly values and priorities.

3. Prayer is honored by God Almighty, and when He so desires,He delivers us from physical and spiritual disaster.

4. Prayer, uttered by righteous, holy, blameless people, works.

5. Prayer is the antidote to worry and anxiousness.

6. Prayer goes hand-in-hand with emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing.

7. Prayer is a means by which we can confess personal and corporate sin.

8.Prayer exhibits a humble, submissive attitude of trust in God.(cf. I Chronicles

9. Prayer gives God an avenue to demonstrate His love, forgiveness, mercy, power, grace, and strength.

10. Prayer is the power God uses to help others have spiritual understandingand the strength to live fruitful lives for His glory.

They say the difference between your problems and it's solutions is the difference between your knee and the floor.

Prayer is the answer key...please never forget to talk to your God at least once a day...I mean who else is there to talk to better than God who sees and knows everything?


Anonymous said...

thanks linda for this. I confess that this is one aspect of my life that i am still battling seriously with.

I just find it hard to pray. C'mon people is something wrong with me or what? Over time i have discovered that it has even gotten worse and nowadays i just don't prat no more.

The sad part about it is that not only has it affected my personal relationship with God, things have have not been quite easy for me, cause i have tried to handle them on my own.

What do i do? Seriously someone should please reach out to me o! i need to find my walk back with God

Anonymous said...

hi Linda, thanks for the assurance about prayer...and i say Amen to it too!...BUT the 4th line about prayer uttered by d righteous.......works.. i bet it does...but that doesnt apply to ANY HUMAN BEING...no one is blameless...could be righteous or holy....ill like to rewrite for no 4...PRAYER BACKED BY FAITH...WORKS..

Anonymous said...

Im not a prayer person. But im sure God understands

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