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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Osun worker attempted suicide: Family denies report, says its unconnected with unpaid salary

Press statement I received. Read below...
Family members of Mr. Femi Owolabi who reportedly attempted suicide in Ibokun, Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State have denied the report by the Punch Newspaper that the incident was in connection with unpaid salaries. They said the incident was a family affairs, just as they noted that the newspaper goofed by mentioning the name as Ojo Owolabi.
Owolabi, who hails from Ilahun Ijesa,  level-4 Environmental Officer in the council reportedly attempted suicide on Thursday last week by drinking Gramozone in his B 19 Ogbon Egbe street, Ibokun residence.

Speaking on behalf of the family, his sister, Mrs Yemisi Oladipupo, also a civil servant working in the department of community and social development of the same council area, said the incident had no connection with unpaid salary at all.

She said: "That incidence cannot be connected to unpaid salaries at all. Though, our salaries have not been paid up to date, people have started receiving alert for Februray salary now. So, why would he kill himself because of salary.

"I believe it was the devil at work and it is purely a family affair. I see no reason why our family should be dragged into politics by giving such information that it was caused by non-payment of wages.”

"Those that said the incidence was in connection with salary matter goofed completely by saying he is a senior civil servant, because he is a level 4 officers", she said.

Oladipupo said Owolabi was never at any time admitted at any hospital in Ile-Ife, saying he was only admitted in a private hospital in Osogbo on Sunday after being treated at home for about three days in Ilahun, a community in Obokun local government where his mother resides.

Noting that the reporters got the information wrong, she said the victims wife and children have not relocated anywhere as reported by the newspaper, saying, "the wife was in the hospital with his husband, while his children are in their schools"
He condemned what he described as armchair Journalism, saying it has done damage to the name of the family.
During the visit to the Randel hospital today, Friday, Owolabi had recovered and was billed for discharge later in the day.

However, the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Mr. David Owoeye, who was quoted to have confirmed the connection of the incidence to unpaid salary denied making such confirmation..

He said: "Though, I was called by the Punch correspondent, but what I told him was that I did not have the information. Why would I speak on what I do not know.

"It is very unfortunate and worrisome that I was quoted wrongly on such issue that involves life", he said


Unknown said...


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NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Okay o

Pidgin Mistress said...

How's dat my business, abeg cold they catch me

Unknown said...

Suicide for this sweet naija life

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Unknown said...

Okay. Committing suicide is not brave but a very cowardly act dat will take u straight to hell fire.

Unknown said...

Is okay o.
⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥♡thanks ⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥ 

Unknown said...

Ok o.
We don hear.

Unknown said...

Punch shd stop spreading lies

Unknown said...

Any one dem talk. The long & short of it all be say he attempted suicide. Linda take note!

Unknown said...

Any one dem talk. The long & short of it all be say he attempted suicide. Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

In your face ASOMPOKOTO.and btw go see my response to you in the previous post.I Still insist Nothing Justifies suicide anyways,a suicidal person is Wicked,Evil,Weak,Lazy,Demonic,sadist,has no love for man,no fear of God,no love for God.Never gave God attentions,too ordinary,name it just Dangerously bad.i try not to read such stories,if you feel depressed about a situation,any situation at all,be you a teenager or adult,if u can reason suicide why not Open the Bible the solution is there and it's free

Unknown said...

Indeed dis is wht is called "armchair Journalism". Half bake journalist dat report bobos news just to b relevant.

Etsako Pearl said...

Ok,moving on......

Unknown said...

Political response, don't believe it at all

Anonymous said...

Why should Osun people be playing politics with everything? How much must that man's family spokesperson have received as bribe to even be misinforming Nigerians that they've started receiving February salary alert when actually Osun State government has not paid them a kobo since November last year? Is this an attempt to cover-up for Ogbeni Aregbesola and make people think he's committed to workers' welfare? Or this story is entirely a falsehood. Well, this does not change the true situation of things. I am however sorry for the authors of this fake news.

Anonymous said...

The govt. Should pay them jare. This is May and they are not ashamed to say that the alerting of February is just arriving.

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Jasmine Joseph said...

Ok ooooo

Subomi said...

bottom line is he tried to kill himself, get him a therapist or pastor

Unknown said...

Just started get alerts for February pay towards the end of May? Wow.

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Unknown said...

O ga o, journalist n fake info's

Unknown said...

O ga o, journalist n fake info's

angelite said...

Suicide lyk cirioxly

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