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Friday 23 July 2010

Matthew Mensah In Namibia for Orphanage Project

Matthew far left, holding a child at Dolam Orphanage in Namibia

The very good looking chap is currently in Namibia for an orphanage project. He will be heading to other African countries for more charitable works.

Handsome and a humanitarian; why is this guy still single? :-)

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Anonymous said...

who's he???? we cant see his face!

ChiChiLuv said...

He is FOINNNNNNNNNE and he LOVES Nigeria (he's part British/part Ghanaian) and Nigerian women. He does do a lot for the needier members of our world citizenry and uses the resources of his high flying friends to make it happen, he is one of those people who is great at using OPM (Other Peoples Money)to full advantage.

Matt is Charming, Eloquent, Funny, Crafty, Ambitious and the biggest Player in the two Ls - Lagos/London.

Anonymous said...

All about Mr Mensah

Anonymous said...

@Chichiluv, You sure knw him well... wink wink ;) LOl.

Anonymous said...

He's alright. He's humble, still human though. Maybe he is looking for the Ideal woman. ChiChiLuv would know :) I am joking... chichiluv. But he is fiiiiiiiine.... Linda, I lie?

Mensah said...

Lool Ahh ahhn ChiCHI, You almost got my facts right.lool But Im not british at all.. You should know.. and I dont use OPM for my Orphanage campaigns but my own funds which is why You dont see any sponsor names yet.. I wish my friends will join me for the Main campaign in September though.. And Thanks Linda for putting some awareness towards the Orphanage Project..Next stop Zimbabwe and then back to good old Las Gidi which I miss.. Big Hug & Take care.. Mensah

Anonymous said...

I can attest that the last message was written by the man himself!!!That is how he ends his letters, Bug Hugs and Take Care.

He is so sexy. I need some fresh air.

With love,

Anonymous said...

Naija sha! wen last did people write letters, ezinne? U must be special to him oh...sha don't let his girlfriend catch you because I hear say she be lawyer...she go sue person for slander abi na libel

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