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Thursday, 22 July 2010

"I have no problem with my wife" - Ramsey Noah

"Of course we are together. I love my wife and kids. People say these things to sell their papers. They know that bad news sells. But let people understand this, no bad news follows me. I treat every bad news before it gets anywhere. I am a happily married man with a wife who's very enduring, understands my profession and appreciates me for who I am. I cherish everything about my wife and kids. They're the apple of my eyes." Ramsey Noah was quoted as saying, when asked if his marriage was still intact.
Source: Uche Olehi - Encomium mag

Wonder what he meant when he said he treats every bad news before it gets anywhere...
Just wondering...;)


Nikki St. Lou said...

Seesh! I didn't know he was married!

Joohls said...

awwww what a lovely thing to say! i love ramsey

Anonymous said...

I used to fink his finess was over exaggerated untill i saw him wit ma eyes in a lounge in PH.....mehn the man is fine and his swag is too much, and he doesnt have to put much effort.....now understand why women throw themselves at him. make i no lie if he said hi to me i for follow am....hehehe, my bf had better not see this.

ekene said...

so hes married......advice 4 ramsey..BE A RESPONSIBLE FATHER.aite

Anonymous said...

#listening to heartbeat#

miral said...

be good.Njoy

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