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Monday, 11 August 2014

Dear parents; you'll never guess what really makes students succeed

Some children are born sharp, others need some extra effort, while some are just plain lazy. But every parent wants their children tobecomeengineers, lawyers, doctors etc. They want their kids to get straight A’s, well.. you’ll never guess how to make it happen till you read this. Continue...

Did you know that students that have personal home tutors perform way better than students with the same level of intelligence that only go for classroom lessons? It’s only naturally because home tutors remind students to do assignments, copy notes, check day-to-day class activity and they provided the kind of one-on-one dedicated attention that a class teacher can never give each student.
But how do you now get a good home tutor. Read this short question and answer session with Lagos most reputable online home tutoring agency.

Q 1. How does a parent get a fitting tutor?
Getting a good tutor suited to your child is a difficult and expensive process (even before considering the tutor’s pay). It gets much more expensive when your child needs to learn to speak French, play an instrument, learn programmingor prepare for exams

This is where they come in. Prepclass provides students with all the resources they need to pass exams, they work with a pool of graduates, 1st class and 2nd class upper undergraduates from the best universities. They have tutors to cater for students from primary school to undergraduate levels and prospective university students especially those looking to study abroad. They prepare students for exams like IGCSE, TOFEL, SAT, JAMB, WAEC, GCE, NECO and others. 

Q2. Cost implications?
The cost of paying a tutor falls within a range depending on several factors but they have a great diversity of tutors and flexible pricing structures - contact them.

Are Prepclass Tutors Trust Worthy, Would my home be safe?
They only work with reputable tutorsohh. They have an elaborate due diligence process that guarantees that anybody that comes to your house would be trustworthy.

To get a home tutor for your kid, fill this form
Send the word “request’ followed by Name, Address, Class, subject of interest to 08187878509 nowe.g Request, Daniel Peters, 5 Osborne Ikoyi Lagos, SS1, Englsih, Maths, Programming

And incase you were wondering, Prepclass is a registered company and they were recently nominated for the future awards so you can be sure they are legit.


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