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Monday, 21 November 2011

Nigerian Olympic Athlete Arrested For Murder In South Africa

He is regarded as one of Pretoria's most dangerous men - the "go-to guy" if you want someone's legs broken or need protection via his company, Big Dog Security.

Earlier this month, former Nigerian Olympic athlete Ambrose Monye (in dreads) was acquitted of murder after beating a man to death. Now he is back behind bars in connection with the murder of young mother Chanelle Henning.

Monye has long been on the police's radar for his alleged involvement in drug dealing. But his latest brush with the law looks set to bring down the empire he has built over the past decade he is believed to have been in South Africa.

He competed at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in South Korea.

Security industry sources told the Sunday Times that the muscular strongman went nowhere without his burly bodyguards and struck fear in the hearts of those who crossed him.

It's unclear when exactly he came to South Africa. He married a South African woman, Pontsho Khosholo, in 2001. Once a member of Tshwane's Metro Police, Khosholo has since died.

Investigators involved in the Henning murder probe are now trying to piece together how Monye ended up in South Africa and acquired South African citizenship, and if it was all done legally.

One of the main issues is his age. His ID number suggests he is 37 - which means he would have participated in the Olympics at 14 - but it's believed he is much older.

He is understood to own several properties, but not in his own name, and frequently travelled abroad.
He is described as aggressive and was acquitted on a charge of murder after beating a 48-year-old motorist, Neville Olivier, to death in 2009.

He successfully argued in court that he acted in self-defence against Olivier and his three friends.
One private investigator said Monye was known for having "a short fuse", saying: "He once rented a property in Pretoria and, in a fit of rage, damaged the property extensively and ripped out the airconditioning system ... he is as strong as a beast and very dangerous."

Monye is registered under the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) as a Grade A officer - the highest possible qualification - meaning he can hold a directorship in a private security company.

While his company was meant to protect, he has had numerous brushes with the law. However, a number of assault and other cases against him seem to have gone nowhere.

A Pretoria-based private investigator said it proved "Ambrose bought himself protection in the police, [as] money was no object for this guy".

Celebrity private investigator Mike Bolhuis described Monye as the "kingpin of Pretoria's underworld".
"While a lot of the usual suspects in Pretoria's gangland have gone quiet over the past few years, Monye has simply gone from strength to strength. I know he has influence in the police and is untouchable," said Bolhuis.

Monye admitted being a muscleman for his clients and, in a sworn affidavit in April this year, said he acted as "protection" for 1980s Afrikaans TV presenter Visser du Plessis.

Du Plessis is now a diamond dealer in Pretoria, and Monye claimed in his statement that he was once his personal debt collector and bodyguard.

Du Plessis scoffed at the claim this week, saying: "I've only met him once, five years ago, and never used his services. But I do know of his reputation."

Controversial lawyer Peet Viljoen, who was recently struck from the roll because of fraud allegations, also admitted to knowing Monye.
He described him as "a very dangerous man".
Source Timeslive SA


Anonymous said...

ehm... where is the murder story? as in the murder he's been arrested 4.

Anonymous said...

na wa oh! some pple and destruction sha!

Ahmed said...

Hey, b4 y'all lay into my comment. I do not support whatever he's done and I don't condone violence, lawlessness or murder. South Africans don't like Nigerians, especially those who are making truckload of money. If this Monye guy is guilty of the allegations, then fast track him to the electric chair. This tramp might be "controlling", forceful or intimidating, but he cannot be the most dangerous man in SA. How about Colombian drug mafia and other drug cartels operating in South Africa? How about the thugs and hooligans in diamond and arms trade? They are more ruthless.

No doubt this man is bad, but he ain't the baddest in SA.

About their so called allegations, if they can think this of him, then he's not safe anymore in South Africa. They are only trying to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Anonymous said...

fia grip me o

Olatunji said...

This guy ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ a disgrace to himself..... What a shame

Olatunji said...

That guys ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ a digrace to the world

Atobatele said...

Enough of bad reputation about Nigeria abeg...Na only us.

Anonymous said...

His tribal group is of interest to me..building up a dossier..bloddy liar he's probably another 12 years older too!! wonder we never get any medals in the so old cargoes!!

Anonymous said...

i know ambrose before he left for SA he was a well know thug in surulere area of lagos

Unknown said...

Linda, a na wah, I don't get it, why can't these guys just denounce their Naija citizenship before presenting this country and her people in nagative light?

Please dearie, take down the story if you may, we've had enough negativity and negative people in this country, the world is reading your blog and besides, the guy doesn't deserve the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

@ Amakaikenga

So we should now sanitise Nigerian News so that people can keep on behaving badly and we can pretend we've got a good reputation?

You are not serious! It's people like you burying your heads in the sand that make it worse! Wake up and smell the coffee. Naijas behave badly, it WILL BE REPORTED. no pretending, no white washing!!!

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is every country has its good and bad. Just like this idiot chose this for his life, there's another Nigerian out there who is in an Ivy league university doing the right thing.
It's quite interesting to me when people want to put Nigerians in the same box. Honestly, we are the most traveled African around the world, and people know us because of our vocal, outgoing way.
Not to justify his behavior, but this is what Whites love to do. To put one country against the other, put a black person on blast, especially now that Nigerians are stepping up. It's ridiculous to me.
I'm sure there are some whites in Europe who are doing the same thing he's doing.
I'm sure there are some Hispanics around the world who are doing the same thing.

This man is the most dangerous man in SA? I wonder what happened when cape town was named one of the most dangerous cities in the world last year. I didn't see any Nigerian city on the list.

To all my fellow Nigerians, let's continue to strive to be better, infact the best. We are talented, intelligent, hard working group of people and let's stay positive. Don't let the negativity about the country affect you.

And to all the idiots out there who are involve in scams, violence, terrorism, theft, and keep giving my country a bad name, I hope that one day you will turn your life around. But if you choose to continue that ugly lifestyle, you can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

God bless Nigeria!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.30...God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I met the guy once in SunnySide, Pretoria.
Looks scarier in real life.

peach said...

i love me some badtt guys..(with plenty money) *winks*
if he's guilty they shld sentence him jare, atleast that will clip his wings n humble him.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed it's not that South Africans don't like Nigerians. Its the fact that a majority (not all - said majority) of them are there to sell drugs and involved in other crimes. Not to say South Africans are saints themselves. They have their fair share of thugs and hooligans and foreigners just add more fuel to the fire and make it worse.

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