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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hilarious Nando's Ad: Last dictator standing

You've got to give humor to the South African's for this ad, would you have ever thought Idi Amin/Mugabe and the rest combined would make you laugh? Lol.


Anonymous said...

this is creative and funny lol poor mugabe ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

really funny!!!

Anonymous said...

HILARITY!!!! Mugabe sure misses his likes lololol

Oyinkansola said...

mmm...so why don't I find this funny?? Oh! It's probably cos as I watch I'm thinking about all the innocent people who died bcos of these ruthless men. my opinion. no apologies.

A.B.C.D.E.H.L.K.Y said...

Yawn. Na wa for some people. Yawn. Was this supposed to be funny? Where is the punchline? Inside the food? I didn't didnt find it funny. Smh.


I'm kidding o :)

Okechukwu Oifli said...

lmbo...creative! I like!

Anonymous said...

I did not find it funny. I found the ad stupid.

viva4eva said...

Am bored!

Anonymous said...

Serously, this is not funny!
Where is the humor or the punchline in this ad?...some racist white South African making light of the plights of so many killed and the innocent women & children who have suffered in the hands of these African dictators!
Buying into this corporate fascist Nando will not wipe away their sorrows, even if Mugabe is the last despot standing, and eating alone. SMH!!!

ibo boy said...

LMAO!! some people no just get sense of humour.

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