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Thursday 24 November 2011

Blood bath in Sagamu, Ogun State. Armed Robbers Kill Eight

It was a bloody day today at Sabo Ajegunle, in Sagamu LGA of Ogun State, after armed robbers stormed four banks (Intercontinental Bank, Diamond Bank, Skye Bank and GT Bank) and unleashed a terror never seen before in the city. The robbers arrived around 12 noon, and shot sporadically into the air for almost twenty minutes to scare people away before entering the banks shooting at staff and carting away millions from the bank vaults. The only bank they didn't succeed in robbing was Intercontinental Bank. More than eight people were killed in the ugly incident...including a staff of one of the banks whose bullet ridden body you will find after the cut...

So sad. May the souls of the departed rest in peace...amen.


Surprise said...

May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.

Do we have govt. in this country?

May God help us.

Ammybest91 said...

Only God can help us. This is so Terible

Anonymous said...

Wot ª tragedy may d̶̲̥̅̊ souls of d̶̲̥̅̊ departed rest in peace

grace said...

hmmn this is sad! Those armed robbers would die a very horrible death they would not spend that money well, the devourer would devour their pockets. They want to reap where they didnot sow, their judgement day is nearer than they think. God would continue to punish them all the days of their lives!Amen!!

Priestess said...

Xmas is around d cöner n d boys wants flex wel. God wil protect us all n grant d family of d lost souls strenght 2 bear d loss.

Anonymous said...

Annual 9ja xmas craze to show off...useless people may they burn in hell..thieves never prosper..8 people!!..the other post still unresolved case of the Abuja 6 killed by Policemen still at large..let's see if this lot would be apprehended...this over-population doesn't make the authorities cherish their citizens and act with urgency!!..

20 Bodies Found IN Abandoned Cars said...

Whose corpse is that?

Godpikin said...

Dis is reali pitiful....wat has ma dear country turned in2?...if no b MEND 2dy,na boko haram 2moro or arm robbers next 2moro...God save dis nation 4rm d clutches of violence...!May d souls of d departed rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians are funny. Talking about only God can help us. Let's wait ad see, if God will come down from heaven to help us, if we don't help ourselves.

Anonymous said...

scare the people with gun fire do you guys really have to kill them too (armed robbers may jesus christ judge you guys)

Atobatele said...

This is so sad. Everything seems wrong in this country. May God continue protecting us. RIP to those who lost their lives.

kinky babe said...

May they rest in peace Amen and may d bastards neva go unpunished,they want 2 reap where dey did nt sow so dt @ d end dey will squander d money n cruise round town,i wonder how d money will benefit dem just wander.If i may ask were dey no policemen there or wt?am suspecting some policemen 2 cos dey no dey use eyes c money.

Anonymous said...

So with all the so called security and shakara just to enter bank as a normal customer how did these theives enter and comot with million? i reaaly dont get it.

because it nees to be looked at....the security only stresses innocent poeple meanwhile their workers lives are at risk. yeye security pods and alarms mscheeew

Forest Grump said...

This IS EXTREMELY SAD and besides the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the poor quality of life, the issue of security of life and property IS A MAJOR reason why Nigerians want to flee the country.

At least in other Western Nations and the UK particularly, the immediate threat to life does not really come from lawless people like these God forsaken souls.

In fact, apart from the small senseless black boys that live on council estates in the UK who are part of the emerging gang culture AND who only kill themselves as part of their madness and joblessness(just like University cults), the only other emerging threat to life in UK comes from previously sectioned mental patients who have been released without proper medical certification guaranteeing that they are safe enough to be re-integrated into the society, some of them have been known to attack people at random and even these are EXTREMELY ISOLATED cases; like 2 to 3 cases in the last 3 years.

The bottom line is Nigeria is on the road to becoming a failed state. In broad daylight, safety is a problem, at night it is a problem and the annoying thing right now that this is only going to get worse as unemployment bites harder, at least in the UK you can step out of your house AT ANYTIME to do whatever you like and feel completely safe, in fact, I daresay as a Black man, you even feel more confident due to the stereotypical impression the Whites have of black folks (violent, aggressive and all that claptrap)

What is the use of having a good job, enough money to feed yourself and family and live a decent life if some nutter thinks he is entitled to your wealth by force and you are not safe because the state and the security outfits are so toothless and cannot guarantee your safety??

sleekreek said...

What a pity......he went to work and never knew that will be his last day at work........dis is serious oooo

May the souls of the departed rest in peace (Amen)....

pasuma & stevie wonder said...

I fink end times near!! Those robbers!! I pity demm!! RIP

Anonymous said...

Linda Ikeji, when I hear news like this I channel some of the blame to people like you! Yes, you read me right!

This sort of inhumane act come from individuals who haven't experienced any or little compassion from the government or fellow citizens. So they don't know how to give it either. Yet you ridiculed Rochas Okoro's little support of N100 to kids !

The Nigerian community made you & your blog what u are today, yes you created the blog & you're hardworking but our support & audience is what made it flourish financially.

Now, we all know that you are financially capable to do a little at least, you told us you earn thousands of dollars through this blog monthly. So how many times have you given back to that community that has supported the growth of your blog, how many times have you gone to the poor streets/bridge in Lagos and gave that N100 u thought is nothing to those kid hawkers, or buy a gala with a N200 bill & ask them to keep the change??? Or ask them how their day is going or say something friendly to these kids just to teach them a little compassion???
I bet never !

The problem with most Nigerians is that they are hateful and disrespectful of each other, becos of their low sense of compassion that's why robbers would inhumanly kill their victims, men rape girls & post vid on facebook, men strip women naked and throw them out into the streets and citizens rapidly set a thief on fire in an open street ignoring the heartened pleas!!!

It has nothing to do with poverty level & greedy government, Nigeria is not the only third world nation, so why this appalling high rate of inhumanity !

Most Nigerians especially in Nigeria are deeply hateful & inhumane, no amount of good leadership/security would wipe this humanity from Nigerians, only the citizens can, by showing little acts of compassion/concerns in their community!

Linda Ikeji what humanitarian service have you ever done to give back to the community ever since the financial success of your
blog !?!

Anonymous said...

Linda, pls help me post my comment here. Sent it to ur mail box. Tx.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:43am, it has nothing to do with giving handouts to people, or
accusing hardworkin nd diligent Nigerians of not being 'philanthropic'

Has GEJ's handouts to those militants made them any less social
misfits, or has it suddenly replaced the negativity and deprivatns
they grew up with in the creeks?

You can giv children cash/handouts all i care, but it is only true
love expressed by the govt thru provision of gud schools, a conducive
environ, and economic empowerment of their parents that can truly give
the kids the good life they desire & deserve.

I (i'm a medical std in OOUTH) had barely left the (Gtb) bank than the
robbers decended on the area. You dont want 2 even hear d
guns/missiles they brandished and used in unleashin their terror, nt
to talk of seeing it. Bullets travelled (and killed) for as far away
as 1km. Those were not cheap guns/weapons.

A lady among them was wearin ammo and waving a 'jazzed' wrapper to
ward off bullets. No single bullet from d brave vigilante grp that
confrontd them penetrated (though the resistance aborted their
invasion of intercont).

The security system in Nig now, and particularly Ogun state, is
limping if nt totaly paraplegic. The impendin xmas season/year-end
festivities is no excuse for robbers to be bold enuf as to write a
letter to prior inform banks 2 expect a visit, and ensure that they
keep their vault loaded, or else expect mutiny and hell let loosed.
...All these done with impunity!

Some of our students were killed by these robbers that attacked all 5
banks in P.S, Ago Iwoye 2 weeks ago. And the bank in Mini Campus few
hours before they decended on Sagamu. But God will catch them soon.

So pls leave an innocent, honest, diligent blogger doing her bit out of it!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:43am Nov 26...quick question for u, WHAT HAVE U DONE FOR NIGERIA? Have u done a bit of what u r accusing linda of? Why r u hating on her being so hypocritical? If every individual chips in helping each other, life will b beautiful. But pls dnt come in here accusing linda on this blog. I think u need to sort out the hating problem u hv, that is the very first step u will put in helping humanity, afterward, u can sort out ways of helping the poor, start by doing some of the things u tabled against Linda and maybe, then u can start being happy with urself. Life is not abt accusing pple. Do ur part n let God reward u...JEEZ

Galore said...

@Linda am so sad since yesterday,,,,,My frnd was shot,,,my good frnd...............@LEYE PHRASEBEAT BALOGUN......RIP..........He helpd the Maintain crew to write the song "I CATCH COLD"......

Galore said...

@Anon u are just so BLOODY Ignorants and full of HATES...........If you dont com here to cooment,,wit or without our comment,,whose GOD has blessed,,no Man can stop waggin ue Tongue here.......So you want LINDA to annouce to you or NTA or CHANNELS that she is Helpin the Poor,,,do you fuckin know what she does in her own little way to smile to Less Priviledge,,I bet you Dont.......ODEE(IGNORASMUS)

Mary O said...

Thank you for giving a detailed report of that sad event. I made some observations of the incident in my blogpost here: build a nation where peace and justice shall reign

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing everyone reading this.

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