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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nigerian rapist who can't be deported because EU judges say it would violate his right to family life

A Nigerian rapist escaped deportation yesterday after European judges ruled he had a right to a ‘private life’ in Britain. 

Akindoyin Akinshipe, 24, was due to be sent home after losing appeal after appeal in the British courts over his jailing for an attack on a girl of 13.

But in a staggering reversal yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights said this would breach his right to a ‘private and family life’.

This is despite him not having a wife, long-term partner or children in the UK - factors which foreign criminals have used to stay here under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.
The panel of seven – including judges from Bosnia, Albania and Montenegro – said the court must protect his ‘social ties’ with Britain, which have grown while he resisted deportation.

They said removing him from this country – where he works for a council and attends church – would be ‘disproportionate’ as he has committed no further offences and is no longer a danger to the public.
But critics accused the Strasbourg court of undermining Britain’s border controls. 

Tory MP Dominic Raab said: ‘It is a warped notion of human rights that allows a convicted rapist to claim the right to family life to avoid deportation.’
‘Inflated human rights claims threaten our border controls. It is vital we reform the Strasbourg court as well as UK law to restore some common sense.’ 

Last year failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who ran over 12-year-old Amy Houston and left her to ‘die like a dog’ under the wheels of his car, used Article 8 to stay in this country because he has fathered two children here.

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Agbaje Adeyeye Oladipo said...

you are an addict of dailymail like me......i go there for their mind blowing pictures the issue, the earlier Uk put EU court in its place (like France did)the better....UK is feeling the pinch not take! said...

The UK is simply amazing, and not in a good way...

Anonymous said...

i really don't get your logic for posting this?
are you posting this because you feel like the british government are being soft on crime or immigration?
you don't live in the united kingdom so you can't adequately gauge what foreigners are facing neither can you judge based on an isolated case.
find out the number of nigerians languishing in detention centres some for 6 months and upwards who have no criminal record and even have a case with the home office.

if not for the european union the conservative government will have done more to curtail and abuse human rights this isolated case amongst thousands is being publicised in order for the government to have a justification to change the human right laws which their coalition partners have ruled out.

lastly anyone living in the uk will tell you newspapers like the sun,daily mail are in the right side of political ideals i.e conservative bordering on racist

Anonymous said...

The EU is one big joke. There are people who have suffered torture and injustice and they get bundled on planes and sent back to whatever horrors they have fled. Then you have something like this.

Only in the UK! I cannot imagine this happening anywhere else, other countries would simply defy such a ruling.

Anonymous said...

Nigerian men - what is wrong with you? Raping, molesting, beating and harassing women everywhere they go.

You can take the Nigerian man out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the Nigerian man.

Actually - let me take this one step further. There is a huge correlation between the dire state of third world countries and how people perceived to be weaker (Women, children, the disabled, the ill) are treated. Ever noticed that the world's shitholes (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa, Poor asian countries, much of the Middle-East, and several Eastern-European countries) treat the ones they are supposed to protect as if they are rubbish? They even now export their bush man mentality to more civilized countries, perpetuating the myth that the browns and blacks of this world are inferior.

This is why I'm slowly weaning off the whole "black power" and "pan-african" band-wagon. Seeing the way we oppress ourselves (civil wars, misogyny/sexism, ethnic hatred, bizzare cultural beliefs) leads me to believe that we are just as bad, if not worse, than the so-called white oppressors we LOVE to bash. The only difference between them and others is that, for now, they have harnessed superior technology, politics, and history to crush their opponents and remain in power. Most of the world is still in the dark ages, save for Western Europeans who are far ahead of their time. If Africans had access to this sort of power we would do far worse.

Black power and all that is little more than penis envy for the victors of this round.

I say this despite anyone who thinks I'm rambling, generalizing or being a sellout. Yes Europeans do horrible things to their women but at least they have laws in place and protection that women of all races would be all too happy to have.

How sad :(.

Ade_Cool said...

Bet he started like those 5 boys from Abia State Universty and carried on abroad..even if he's not deported he's f..cked 4 life..would never get a decent job and his name would be on Criminal file forever not just as a Rapist but a paedophile and he cannot step foot in any devloped country...
Nigeria take least this made it to Court..

Unknown said...

@ Ade_Cool
True words, couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Yet another Nigerian rapist....smdh!!! Until those 5 rapists are found, every Nigerian man is a rapist to me now. Yeah, I went there...


Anonymous said...

I have always known that most Naija men are paedophiles, rapists or into incest. I feel so sorry for helpless lil girls growing up in that backward society. No wonder Nigeria can never progress no matter how many "churches" spring up on every corner of the street in Nigeria.

*ajalahtravel* said...

Rapist again? Mmm mmm mmm may God deliver obodo naija.


Anonymous said...

as usual nigerians crying more than the bereaved
@agbaje adeyeye oladipo
I'm sorry sire but you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself I'm sure people like you probably think the british national party are fighting a just cause.
pls go back and read the charter of human rights and what the eu stands for before you start making ignorant comments uk is not a banana republic where constituted laws,ordinances are flouted and where in your own version of history did france blatantly flout eu judgements??

the guy in question committed this crime when he was in his teens,not only that since he got released from jail he has gone on to university,and achieved a masters degree and works in one of the councils not only this his mother and sisters are all resident in the united kingdom you can easily find all these in the nation newspapers online and stop making silly ignorant comments

Anonymous said...

do criminals deserve consideration?

Anonymous said...

It is so clear that Nigerian children in particular the male children need a serious dose of education on morality. I agree with Ade Cool, these kids start off young and without any reprimand, they think its okay to continue. Reminds me of the Lanre Onabowale case. You can see that because he got away with it initially, he thought he was on a home run and continued his rubbish here.

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