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Saturday 21 August 2010

Uche Jumbo talks about her new movie Holding Hope

"Holding Hope is a must watch for every family. It is a true life story. I cried when I met one of the characters who happens to be the person the story is centered on. I couldn't wait to transform the story into a movie for people to learn. Holding Hope is about life, it's about a mother's wish for her son to become a better man, it's about cancer, it's also about the fact that we can not change the unchangeable. It is an educative story. I lost weight because Holding Hope was shot over time. When you are handling a true life story, you have to be very careful. We went to New York and other places for the movie. Going from one place to another wasn't easy. It can make you fall out of diet. The movie was very challenging to do. The sick look, the loss of weight, you don't sleep much, the white powder make-up on your body. I cut my hair for the role. I did it for the movie premiere. I just didn't decide to go on a low cut " Uche Jumbo on movie Holding Hope and why she lost weight and shaved her hair

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