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Saturday 21 August 2010

Thieves steal $50m Van Gogh painting from Cairo museum

Not the real painting

The Egyptian minister of culture says a painting by Vincent van Gogh valued at $50 million has been stolen from a Cairo museum.

Farouk Hosni says police are searching for unknown suspects who lifted the painting from the Mahmoud Khalil Museum on Saturday.

The artwork is identified as the Dutch impressionist's Vase and Flowers on the museum's website.
Hosni said that authorities at all of Egypt's air and sea ports have been notified and that an investigation is under way at the museum.


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, the painting has been found. It was recovered at Egypt's airport..

Anonymous said...

how much did you say???!!!!...for that?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

50m???? that is it. i have found my vision. i dey go paint!

Joohls said...

anonymous 1, it has not been found o. they said that info was inaccurate. the search continues

skankmypeaceofmind said...

stale news Linda.

Anonymous said...

you no get work

chinwe said...

lol skankmypieceofmind, are you on anti-depressants???

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