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Saturday 21 August 2010

At 42, Julia Roberts is surgery free and looks fabulous

While rival stars don't hesitate to put their features under the knife, Julia Roberts proudly remains surgery free.  The 42 year old actress and face of cosmetics company Lancome, made no attempt to conceal her wrinkles at the premiere of her latest film.

When asked about her decision to embrace the ageing process, she said "The secret ingredient of beauty is being happy. And maybe a little eye cream."

She railed against cosmetic surgery in a recent interview saying "Your face tells a story and it shouldn't be a story about your drive to the doctor's office"


Anonymous said...

agreed. but that picture get as e be sha

Anonymous said...

fabulous? i disagree with that horrible picture you posted here.
something about your latests posts reek of sarcasm.
calling Eucharia "fab" or whatever the word that was used to describe her atrocious look.

Anonymous said...

She does not look too good in this PARTICULAR pix...... but she looks happy! that is ALL that matter! & i like her decision to age gracefully. this would encourage gals to be themselves than trying to look like a tooth pick with a plastic face!..

Tomisin said...

Well black people age differently from white people because here, 42 is kinda young for wrinkles and botox like people in Hollywood do. She does look great, not as good as Halle Berry(who is older) or Naomi Campbell but still good. Thank God for black skin. :)

Anonymous said...

are you sure thats julia roberts picture

Myne said...

Thank God for black skin, my mum at 60 does not have as many wrinkles as that. Even without surgery, there are better eye creams than whatever she's using.

But she's happy and still doing her job so she's cool. Those are what matters in life.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

i agree with her. our face does tell a story of our life. we as humans have the time for everything, from our youth to our old age. its always nice to see pictures of your life all through the years form the firm face to the wrinkles. erasing it just makes you look fake because even if your face is firm, your organs would be sagging. ageing comes from inside out and not outside in.

nice perspective. she is definitely do something amazing especially in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

for once you talk better thing

Anonymous said...


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